Rissveds Winners in World Cup

Road: With victory in the World Cup in the Czech Republic confirms Jenny Rissveds its position as one of the fastest growing stars in mountain biking in Sweden. Here she replies to our questions.

Jenny Rissveds from Falun won this past weekend’s WorldCup race XC Eliminator in the Czech town of Nove Mesto Na Morave. Dressed in a yellow-blue country kind of costume she walked victorious against very exciting line resistance, including the reigning world champion Alexandra Engen.

The young national team cyclist is one of the biggest talents in mountain biking in Sweden, so we would love to hear her thoughts on his victory and the near future.

Congratulations Jenny!

-A thousand thanks! It’s incredibly fun and I’m very pleased with my effort.

Cross-country Eliminator is a rather special form of mountainbiketävling. The course is short and intense. How were you thinking strategically?

– This course required quite a lot of tactical thinking as much of it consisted of wide asphalt lots. In the eighth, quarter and semi-finals I thought so I run hard at the start.Before the first technical section I would check back to see if I had the hatch or not. I had the hatch was just to hold and drive safely. If the other hung on, the idea was to wait and put me at the wheel.

In the final, it was different and I came out from the start in third place behind Katrin Stirnemann and Alexandra Engen. Then I could think of. When Katrin attacked, Alexandra stopped the door and I was on the third wheel kontraröck I.

Did you feel at you that you would be able to perform as well as you did?

– No, not really. The feeling during training before the race was not so good. I felt really tough in the legs and not at all at the time. When I subsequently qualified in second place I knew I could do something good out of it.

What goals do you have in the future?

“I’ve already met a series of goals set for this season but I’m looking forward to the WORLD CUP and EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP, of course. Future goals is to do well in an OS. I want to be the best in the world. I want to keep for a long time and wants to be the best when I’m around 25-30 years.

You’ll find that you’ll continue competing in mountain bike in for the future, or you will sooner or later take the step to the road as many other mountainbikeåkare have done?

“Right now, it feels like I will go back to the road but really I don’t know how my life will look like in 10 years.

How much do you train? How do you put up there to keep up with school and to meet friends and so?

– I exercise less during the season than I do in the winter. Partly because the days of travel takes time, but also that it is important to recover and have rest days. I am a very driven girl and want what I do to be good. Therefore, the school has yet worked out well and I’ve realized that I don’t have the time that is required to lay down to get MVG in everything.

I run 27.5-inches, and with the benefit of hindsight today 26-inch away for me. I have never tested 29 then I think it would be too large and bulky for me because I am pretty small. The advantage of 27.5-inch is 26: ans speed and agility but also 29: ans float over rocks and technical areas.

What was it that led you to start with the bicycle and mountain bike? Were your parents interested in cycling or you had siblings who were there?

“It started when my dad took interest in the sport. This meant that my older brother also became aware, and finally it was my turn.