Running Shoes Buying Guide

The Denmark is filled with happy people and runing is a great form of exercise. But it can be difficult to find the correct running shoes.

Running Shoes Buying Guide

This guide will focus on the elements you need to be aware of when you are faced with the acquisition of new running shoes.

1. Determine your running style

New running shoes, first and foremost, it is hugely important that you get established which running style you have. There are three categories in which you divide the feet and running styles in.

Overpronation – occurs when the foot fall towards the inside. This means that the pressure on the foot will be greatest on the inside. If your feet overpronerer you can obtain special anti-pronationssko, which has a stronger inside. Further, it has a rigid heel counter, which contributes to stability. This forces the foot to fix up when you run and you drop for sore feet.

Supination – occurs when the foot fall outwards. The pressure will only be added here on the outside of the foot, and how will it be when the runner puts the foot in the ground, and make its starting point again. If your foot oversupinerer it is important to have a running shoe with good cushioning in the front part. There are, however, not directly anti-supinations running shoes.

Neutral – is when the foot has a perfect point of departure. The falls either inwards or outwards. By a neutral running style will foot hit the ground with the outside of the heel, slide further over the midsole and eventually put off with the forefoot. The right running shoes will here be a shoe that is uniform in hardness at the midsole, and a heel counter, which is tightly seated.

2. Which underlay?

In the Denmark, there are countless types of underlay that you may be exposed to on your jogging. Some are better for your body to run on than others. Remember it!

Asphalt is the preferred substrate for many runners. But it is not the softest underlay to run on. That is why it is important to have a shoe that is equipped with rubber where it has contact with the substrate.

You come often at soft and uneven surface when you run in forests, on lawns or sandy. Here it is necessary to have a running shoe that has rubber in the midsole. You can choose a shoe that has a little deeper grooves on the underside of the sole. This results in better contact security with the soft and uneven surfaces.

The hard pads, see not so often, but it could for example be concrete. This is very uncomfortable to run on. It exposes the runner for some jolting. Therefore, it would be a good idea to have shoes that has a shock absorbing effect.

3. Where do I buy running shoes?

It can be really hard to find the correct running shoes. But a good idea is to be tested on a treadmill in a sports store, and the only way we can do that is by being physically present.

But that being said, you can save a great deal of money by buying its shoes online, for example on

Compare prices and save money

When you must choose your running shoes can be a great deal of money to save. You can take advantage of the Internet to compare prices. But it is important not to compromise when you choose your running shoes.