Sacred Sound Audio Infinity a Review and Giveaway

budget headphones are a category of products where the quality has been dragged through the garden and left on compost heap to rot. It seems impossible to find a cheap pair of headphones that sound great with a build quality to match.

So it is refreshing to see the infinite One, a couple of US $25 headphones that don’t suck, and more interesting to hear that they are the work of two young teenage brothers.

We have five pairs of Infinite Ones to give away, so read through this review, then join the draw.

To infinity

I realized how unimportant perceived sound quality really could be when I first saw the mirrors next to the headphones at a local electronics store. It’s not like boasting overpriced pieces of plastic around your neck is nothing new, but it is a trend that highlights the power of fashion about the sense or sensitivity.

Step into Infinity one of them, a pair of entry-level headphones of Melbourne-based Sacred Sound Audio. The AU $25, they are cheaper than Apple’s own EarPods (included with each iPhone), and comes with three sizes of earbuds in conjunction with a Briefcase man-made light.

These are not all old headphones, but the work of a small team and two young men who wanted to headphones that looked good, regardless of the genre of music that is being played. Simply put, these are the answer to cheap and nasty headphones built entirely with electronic music in mind. Classic? Checks. Jazz? Why not. strangeness environment? No matter if I do.

Design and quality

The headphones are silver and all-metal construction, with hard plastic to protect the connections of cables. These call for the TPE-coated flat cables anti-emaranhado, the very border with the “red” with a white microphone and a single button found in the usual place. In all, the earphones look great and feel solid-it’s not often that you find an all-metal construction the world pilot external headset sub-$30.

The custom drivers 8 mm electronic product, sports headsets were designed to provide a high quality of sound, regardless of genre, musician or music. This traditionally has not been the case, particularly among some of the most popular fashion brands (Beats, I’m looking at you). When the audio products are designed to enhance the bass, above all, clarity and detail is lost, especially in non-electronic genres. The Infinite One headphones have been designed so that it would not be the case.

The Sound

The results are amazing. Considering the price, the sound quality is really something to be seen. That’s not going to change the world, but “better than average” doesn’t quite do it justice. They sound noticeably better than the asking price might suggest. Bass and treble are energetic without being excessive, knocks and bangs off trail without getting muddy and lose detail.

As a result, the headphones don’t sound so artificially enhanced when it comes to modern electronic music, especially in comparison with models designed with the genre in mind. This is great news, if you have a diverse taste in music, where a low response-heavy destroys more delicate aspects of an orchestra or brass band.

There is a definite matter-ness to the sound, but the infinite One can amazed by dig up endless details. They don’t sound so hot or give as my go-to Klipsch S4i (that cost many times the price your), and they are not as comfortable as well, but they still manage to find a similar level of subtle complexities bottom. I was choosing the infinite One when I leave the House for about two weeks now, and I’m never disappointed.

My only complaint is that the Silicon used for the headphones is very soft and occasionally causes them to move or slip out, although the larger buttons were just a little too big for my ears. On the positive side, this silicone causes the infinite One much more comfortable than plastic found on other models of similar price, and they were very comfortable over extended periods of use.

Live with the infinite One

Considering the price, a foreign driver construction all-metal is very much appreciated, as is the TVP-coating on the flat cable-do not tangle easily. Each driver has a hard plastic end-yet-flexible to protect against tearing it directly. The connector is protected from pulling repeated by one end of compressed hard plastic, and this alone seems like it should be treated with care.

The worst part of the building is probably the microphone, and while there’s nothing wrong with call quality, you won’t want to be recording any podcasts with him. It is very difficult to damage sacred sound audio for $ $25, but you always have to question how long expected a pair of sub-US $30 headphones will last.

They come with a carry case, light that offers limited protection, but you may want to find something a bit more difficult.

Designed for teenagers

Sacred Sound Audio is really just the name for two teenagers based in Melbourne, Victoria with a vision. Rupert (15) and Tristan (13) Buesst are two classical musicians tired of the same old listening experience, regardless of the amount they spend.

“We gradually became very tired of buying audio products that were designed just to look good for one or two genera, or products in which the sound quality still hadn’t been thought,” Rupert told me.

“We decided to create something that would sound great for all genres, and also look fantastic.”

The pair put a lot of time and research for the project: “took longer to get the correct drivers, and both of us spent many hours listening to our various projects of drivers and trying to find the sweet spot.”

The sweet spot was a driver who had a good performance over many genres as possible, and the team are pleased with what the fans are saying: “we had lots of great feedback so far. We get messages saying-‘ these sound better than a pair that cost five times the price. ”

As if this tale of sound capability, build quality and entrepreneurship were not enough, there’s a philanthropic angle too: 20% of sacred sound profits go to Yatra Foundation, an Indian charity created to provide education for poor children. Oh, and did I mention that they sound great?

Budget Quality Earphones

cheap headphones are not everyone’s thing, but if you are looking for low-cost headsets that are well built and respecting the music you choose to listen, they are an excellent choice. As for Rupert and Tristan?

“We definitely keep doing this. Currently, we have a few more projects underway and we can’t wait to show the world our next! “You can follow the boys on Twitter or Facebook.

MakeUseOf recommends: Buy them if you are looking for cheap headphones with great build quality that will not cloud the most delicate sounds too low.

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