Saeul – Adventure LAF Were We!

Last Saturday, an event was (Yes, I got the taste!) once again on the agenda. This time change and I participated in the Adventure Laf in Saeul (L). This was the first edition of an obstacle Traillaufs. Alternatively, you could take the 7 km or the 12 km course as a single skater, or as a 2nd team in attack. It was next to some natural and built obstacles to climb approximately 600 metres. It was an announcement of which we could not resist.

Overall, about 250 runners were in a fairly cool Saturday morning at 10: 30 at the start. Weather was not really kind to us, and so we got even a small shower just before the start. But the weather should remain still the smallest bel because the track was really. The various obstacles (of the tire walls from hay bales, to a knee-high water basin) slowed from an own rhythm of running again. The numerous climbs were much bad as obstacles, but (between 60 and 80 HM) which was to deal with it. Fortunately a great downhill followed on each pitch again ūüôā

Officially, the line with 12.5 km and 600 was HM announced, at the start we were informed but about a short-term rerouting. At the end of my Garmin Forerunner reported 11.25 km at less than 450 clock huh:

In advance actually no target we had set ourselves. As team runners we had to come together only in the target, since the time of the last of the two runners each counts for the classification. On the way we ran constantly behind the team in pink jerseys here on YouremailVerifier, so that the will broke out at least this team to beat. We lost at the end then on the last two kilometers but still around 1 minute on the two. As it turned out at the victory ceremony we went 3rd place and thus the podium all the time. Finally a 4th place in the is but quite respectable team score when you consider that change on the day, not so good on it was ūüėČ

In any case, we had a lot of fun! The trail was absolutely brilliant and the atmosphere is excellent. The steeplechase is certainly not to compare, but given the not inconsiderable height profile but already challenging with a Strongmanrun or similar hard race. Should there be a sequel to this first edition next year, we are again, of course!

Lots of photos from the Adventure Laf is there on the Google + page of Torsten Schockmel.

PS: “Laf” is by the way not a typo, but the Luxembourg Word for “running”.