Safety When Driving

Get all your helmet doubts and make a better choice!

If you have a motorcycle, you already know that wearing a helmet is mandatory by law, right?! And it is time to choose a model that appear many doubts, even more that has so many types and models. But how to know which one is best for you, huh?! I’ve separated some tips to help you!

The first thing is to know its size. To measure is very simple, pass a tape measure around the head? She should go over both eyebrows and ears. Then just see the result on the table here:

When it comes to buying, it should look fair but comfortable. The space between the helmet and the forehead, as well as in relation to the nape, must be less than the thickness of a thumb. The head should not slip inside the helmet and the straps should not press the neck when the clasp is tight, okay?!

Oh, you have to keep an eye too if the helmet has the INMETRO seal, which is a guarantee that it complies with safety standards.

Prefer the helmets made of fiberglass or polycarbonates, which are very sturdy. The first lasts longer, the second is usually lighter. And inside they have to have a good lining and polyurethane layer, which helps when absorbing impacts and protecting the head. Oh, you can not forget to see if you have a good ventilation system, okay?! Because it keeps the head airy and avoids blurring the visor, renewing the air from inside the helmet.

Guys, the visor is also important. Ideally, choose helmets that you can change, such as: darker, mirrored, and high-definition visors. Ah, you have to see also when opening the visor, see on Internetiest?!

Ready, now just choose the helmet that suits you the most!