Schuberth E1 Adventure Helmet-a Modular for Adventure

Gathering the good features of a road helmet and those of a”Cross” helmet the new E1 is proposed to be the right choice for those who want to explore all the capabilities of modern”Sport Adventure” bikes.

So far motorcyclists given more to”Travel Enduro,” fans of Aventura bikes, had to choose between purchasing a sporty helmet, poorly ventilated when needed to meet the requirements of off-road driving, or a helmet of”Cross”, slightly aerodynamic and noisy on high-speed road sections.
Therefore, this new Schuberth E1, developed in wind tunnel from the model C3, has a modular construction that allows the opening of the container, along with the visor and the blade, components that can be removed separately and without tools, Allowing to configure the helmet according to the specificities of the routes.
The visor opens independently, and the blade is adjustable in three different positions, remaining in the chosen position even after opening the pocket. The E1 still incorporates a retractable sun visor.

The compact dimensions and accurate design guarantee, according to the German manufacturer, an exemplary aerodynamic behavior, since the turbolence caused by the blade is compensated by the spoiler, explained by societypically.

A complex ventilation system, with three independent circuits, ensures that the visor remains defrosted. The air inlet of the cherry is equipped with an air filter that allows the user to keep the visor closed in routes with high dust, and at the same time to receive the amount of clean air required.