Short Pants – a Fashionable Thing?

White tenniscocks and sandals once brought them into disrepute: the short pants. Meanwhile “man with style” can wear shorts but also outside the beach. However, he has to take care of some fashion – and combine the shorts correctly. Here you will find the six Do’s & Don’ts of the shorts for stylish pundits.

1. The right occasion?

do not

Although the Bermudas are worn on business in Bermuda, you should not put your shorts into the office.Not even on hot days.Exception:in your office is a casual style.You can orient yourself to your boss – wearing short trousers on hot days, you can do the same.However, in the office, it is mainly covered colors such as olive, khaki or navy.With these short pants, a Do not To Do (in the right office):

However, we do not accept the combination with a jacket and a tie:

If you prefer the color-matching long-sleeved shirt or polo shirt:

In the opera or the Sternerestaurant the shorts however still lost nothing – in any combination.

You should also wear your sports pants only for sports garment– or at least in your home.No matter how comfortable she is.


On the beach, on the campsite or during hikes, shorts are of course always appropriate. But now the short pants have also found their fashionable way back into the city. But you are also the ideal, casual clothing in your spare time – with city tours or barbecue with friends, you will not be wrong with them. Our suggestion for your leisure time:

2. Stylish overturn to the short underestrum

do not

Short sleeve shirts!Particularly, the ban on single-color shirts with short sleeves.In combination with shorts, they look fast for Schuljunge or Postmann – and not for a fashion-conscious man.


Apart from that, you can wear (almost) everything to the shorts – we remind you here again of the jacket, which is not possible.Whether polos, t-shirts, long-sleeved shirts or even light knit sweaters – in the right pattern and the right color fits almost everything to the short you like.

Cleverly combined is half won.This is how a perfect outfit with bermuda and knitwear looks like:

3. The colors 1 × 1

do not

Bright colors and patterns attract the eye.If you like to be the center of attention, there is nothing to talk about more daring colors.However, you should bear in mind that a colorful short will also automatically look at your body center.If you do not want to be considered a “colorful dog”, we recommend …


… basically more muted colors.In are currently also pastel shades or restrained patterns like camouflage.Big bags on the shorts are by the way absolutely out at the moment – the exception is the Cargos.

Which colors are right for you and can be combined with each other?

4. It depends on the length

do not

The shorter the shorts, the stronger your belly will be.In addition, tweezers that are too short will quickly pinch your legs and will make your legs seem too long – especially if you are very tall, you will remember a stork.

The pants should not be too long.The fabric hides so thick legs, but they crush your body and thus appear even more compact.High-water pants can therefore be worn by large men at best.


Ideal for pounders are short pants in oversized, which reach approximately to the knee – for so stretch your body visually a little. A high-cut waist also protects your back and ensures that the pants do not slip too low when you bend:

5. How far can it be?

do not

It can not be too tight.Too tight pants are not only totally uncomfortable, but also emphasize thick thighs and buttocks excessive.The abdomen looks more powerful.For this reason, you should remove tight pants from your wardrobe.Exception: The bike shorts, which you also wear only for their actual purpose.By the way:If you are looking for a bike shorts, you will find it with us .


A certain width conceals wide hips. In your short pants, however, you should not sink. It is important to have the perfect fit. When you buy the shorts, make sure that they are suitable for your belly shape and are comfortable to wear. This is the ideal fabric with a stretching part that adapts to your needs. Here you will find three real “comfort pants” from our shop:

6. The shoe question:Of socks, sandals and sailing boots

do not

To make it clear again:Never wear your shorts, really never, with thick tennissocken.This is without exception!Socks that go beyond the ankles should be avoided.Only sneakers or booties are allowed, which do not cover your shackles.Or just leave the socks completely away if you do not find it unhygienic.

Even sandals or flip flops are taboo – unless you go to the beach.In the city you should not present your bare feet to the whole environment.


What shoes does man wear to shorts?Depending on the occasion, your choice should be on boots, pennies or espadrilles.Just to remember, if we have not mentioned it often enough:No high socks!

Sailing shoes are ideal for a more stylish look.If you want to make it even more relaxed, Espandrilles are the ideal companions in the city this summer.


Style-conscious pounders can also wear short trousers in everyday life – if you follow our tips. Tennissocks, sandals, too tight, too long, too short, have shipped for this summer.With us you will find the perfect short pants to enjoy the hot days with style .