Sleep as in the Seventh Heaven: Mattresses XXL

For the Sleeping Beauty Sleep in XXL you need a mattress with special features. We have brought the matresses expert Melanie Franke and Nadja Landsee to the boat or to bed, so they tell us what you have to look at when buying a mattress for overweight.

Franke Matratzen is a family business that has existed for 30 years.The operators are experts in the field of high-quality sleeping bag systems for the health, hotel and private areas.In addition, the mattresses are completely made in Bavaria, so they are genuine Made-in-Germany products.

Ascuro AG operates a website that compiles many different providers and manufacturers around the topic of life with overweight.In the online shop Justbig you can find in an online department store for big sizes with all things the XXL heart desires – from camping equipment, to toilet seats to XXL mattresses or sleeping bag, everything is there.

Why a XXL mattress?

Sleeping, snoring, sleeping:We spend about one third of our time in bed.With extra body weight you need a particularly supportive and stable mattress.Normal mattresses are not only very fast in the case of overweight, but can also add back pain to the sleeper.According to sleepingbagsexpo, melanie Franke recommends an XXL sleeping bag from about 140 kg.

When do I know I need a new mattress?

The matress expert Melanie Franke has the answer:

“Most often you notice it is a cross pain. Then you discover the cow in the mattress or you can feel, for example, the slatted floor already. Or the mattress is even heavily polluted, which would be a reason for a new purchase.”

What XXL mattresses are there?

The mattress forest contains an exceptional variety of mattresses and combinations.In order not to lose our overview, we have listed the most important species:

What are the characteristics of the mattress?

The experts agree:quality and good advice are the A & O in mattress buying.In addition, durability and comfort are critical criteria when choosing a mattress.

“It brings nothing if the mattress is steinhart and eternally holds, but for the lying is totally uncomfortable is,”finds Melanie Franke.

Nadja Landsee also points out that as a mattress buyer you should know your sleeping habits.Someone who sleeps only on the side has different mattress needs than a pure backsheet.

pressure relief

One of the main reasons for an overweight being a mattress adapted to his/her body weight is pressure relief.Particularly large persons have a sensitive tissue.The self-weight exerts a great pressure on the tissue during sleep and a false mattress can lead to pressure ulcers (pressure ulcers) in such cases.

“If the skin is already sore, we recommend a special anti-decubitus mattress in XXL.”,Says Melanie Franke,”This provides a better pressure relief and stores the body soft.”


A good mattress is always divided into zones and ensures a balanced position on the mattress.The zoning should be adapted to the individual needs of the body.Weight, body size, sleeping habits and proportions play an important role.The importance of an individual zoning is often forgotten in trade.Melanie Franke reports from her sales day:

“Often we are asked, Do you have no 7-zone mattresses? The problem is, in advertising, everything is pushed up and referred to as beautiful. Seven zones, however, are only good when they fit the body.”


Overweight people sweat more.This fact requires a mattress that it must be particularly breathable.Airtight materials only reinforce sweating, which in turn is bad for the skin.

Spring core mattresses are considered to be particularly respiratory.If the foam envelope is open pored enough, the air can circulate actively in the cavity of the mattress.Also cold foam mattresses are very breathable.The material is open-pored, and the horizontal and vertical bores in the foam allow a continuous air supply.Less recommended when it comes to breathing capacity are viscose foams.

Franke mattresses are known for their PU protection. This is a functional textil from the health sector, which is attached around the foam core of the mattress and protects the mattress from soiling. Melanie Franke considers the PU protection in the XXL mattresses to be very practical: ” The sweat, which is gaseous, can go through the cover and so the mattress can dry well.”

You will find detailed information on PU protection here.

mattress firmness

Hard or soft? Often, overweight persons are recommended very hard mattresses. However, hardness is not everything:a mattress must be individually adapted to the body. Mattresses are divided into degrees of hardness from H1 (very soft) to H5 (very hard), which can mean something different from manufacturer to manufacturer.The motto is thus: Let us advise!

If the mattress is too soft, the body sinks deep into the mattress so that you ” lie in the mattress and not on the mattress, “explains Melanie Franke.This causes tensions and a poor circulation of the body.This, in turn, causes movement during the low-sleep phase and thus a restless sleep.If the mattress is again too hard, the risk of decubitus increases.


Can you feel the slat under your mattress while sleeping?Then your mattress is too soft or too thin.

The height of the mattress is determined by the gravity: since heavier people sink deeper into the mattress, it must also be thicker.For the weight to be safely collected, the experts recommend a total height of at least 23 cm.

How long does an XXL mattress last?

An XXL mattress is more stressed in everyday life than regular mattresses. So that the mattress does not have to be exchanged every two years, it is worth investing in a high quality mattress. Nadja Landsee says:” Generally, mattresses last eight to ten years. With a much higher weight or long lying times, it can also be 3-5 years. Decisive for the exchange is a well visible and also feltable cowle in the mattress.”

For the life of a cold foam mattress, its weight (quality indication to the density of the material used) is decisive.The higher the weight, the longer the mattress.For spring core mattresses, the quality of the foam cover is also decisive as is the number of windings of the springs.Less is the number of springs as long as it is above a value of 450.The more windings, the more durable the mattress.

What is the price?

To put money into a good mattress is worthwhile: After all, we spend a third of our lives in bed!The prices on the market vary greatly, but to name a concrete number, Nadja Landsee recommends the purchase of a high-quality mattress, with a price of 1000-1500 €.

The search for the right XXL mattress can be lengthy and complicated.Our last piece of advice to you is: When buying an XXL mattress should not be knausert quality.Professional advice and research on the mattress of your dreams can eliminate possible shortfalls, so you can count the next 8-10 years happy on your new mattress.

And if you need the right sleeping bag for your new mattress, please take a look at our oversize.

We would like to thank Melanie Franke and Nadja Landsee for their expert tips on the topic of XXL mattresses and wish you all the best in mattress buying!