Sleeping Bag Alternatives

Foam Mattresses


These are mats made ​​of dense polyurethane foam. Examples include mattress toppers of Yate or -Term-a-the Rest, we offer in our online store. These mats are preferred when will sleep on the cold, frozen or snow-covered land. Or when the terrain is rough and likely an inflatable mat be hurt.

The advantages are low cost compared to other species and their low weight. They are a good insulator, and there are those which consist of several layers of material, which increases the insulating properties. The disadvantage is that they are a little bulky to carry.Some tourists also find their use too spartan.

Inflatable Mattresses


This alternative for sleeping bag is a luxurious way to sleep outdoors, according to PimaSleepingBags. Just do not forget to wear and pump to inflate them because pretty elbow grease will see while inflate a mattress by mouth. The good news is that resemble sleeping on a mattress, and even children find fun sleeping on an inflatable mattress. Their disadvantages are that are bulky and heavy to carry and have to wear a pump to inflate them with you. Therefore only be used when camping at a place to which you will go by car. And another thing, do not have good insulating properties, it is therefore not recommended their use at low temperatures.

Folding Beds

These sleeping bag alternatives are good for use in camping in a long time. You keep a comfortable distance from the cold and uneven ground. Some travelers use a mat on the bed to increase comfort and insulation. It recommends using a folding bed from people who for the first time camping or those who have back problems. The bad thing is that they are bulky, require transport to the place of camping, it is time to assemble them and last but not least, fill the interior of the tent in which you sleep.



We will not stop many of them and will only mention them as a means of sleeping outdoors. More information can be found in our previous article.

Other Aids for Camping

Pillow – wear your inflatable one to be easy to carry. You can also use a smaller version of the ones you use at home, but designed for camping. Or pouch in which to stuffed your clothes – he will do as a pillow.

Light source – headlamp, flashlight or camping lamp, surely you will need at least one of these.

Tourist linen – for more hygiene and protect your sleeping bag.

Compression bag – some sleeping bags come with compression bags, but other models do not. This will be useful when you carry the bag in the backpack to reduce its size.

Repellents – one of the things that discourage tourists from beginners bearings outdoors are mosquitoes and other insects. You can protect yourself from them with mosquito net or some other means, such as mosquito repellent.