Smooth Running Pantyhose

What’s The Thing About The Running-Pant-Free Pantyhose?

Until now, the pantyhose-free pantyhose was considered as a wishful thinking and was not realized due to the technical, inferior stitch pattern. Normally, one row of stitches is held from the next row. If a thread breaks, the stitches can no longer be held and run. This is generally prevented by the so-called micro mesh knitting technique. A stitch is then entangled in the next row. Thus, they can not continue to run so easily. This knitting technique is usually used in the reinforcements of a pantyhose.

Everyone who knows these meshes quickly sees that this can not be the solution for the entire leg. Only on models with an extremely high load (eg Bahner ) is this knitting technique applied consistently and accepted.

And It Goes…

KUNERT goes a different way with his latest model from the Chinchillan series . The stitch itself is not to be seen. However, as shown on the packaging, the stitches are knotted together. In combination with three-dimensionally processed elastane, the balancing act between durability and optics can be achieved here .

New Material

Other manufacturers refer to a new material technology. The innovative fiber LYCRA ® Fusion ensures treadmill safety. The trick here is that the stocking material is treated thermally and thus the stitches are ‘welded’. This means that no stitches can fall or run because the yarn is welded at the latest in the next stitch row-see picture.

Even With The Highest Transparency

A model of Levante, the Resistenza 5 , is particularly striking for the fact that a running-pant-free pantyhose does not necessarily have to be thick . With a fantastic transparency of just 5 den, a running machine safety is promised.


Treadmill-resistant fine tights are certainly an innovation that will inspire many women and men worldwide. Even if the promise is not solved completely, a presumably longer lifetime of a fine pantyhose is already a step in the right direction. Because it is simply always annoying, if the good piece for 10 euro or more is broken anyway.

But-at the KUNERT Chincillan you should remember that it is still a microfiber pantyhose for running via Shoe-wiki. It is wonderfully soft and pleasantly transparent socks. This means that it does not only look good, it is also very comfortable. Nevertheless, it is relatively sensitive by the microfibre. Thus, the improved durability refers only to running meshes. Thread pullers or even holes, which nevertheless can also enlarge to the running mesh are, unfortunately, not a rarity.