Source WXP Hydration System 3L

Source edge of hydration and the use of quality is of such a magnitude. This is a beverage system “actual”, and if the falling market may be the best at this price, with the low cost worth of goods directly to forget. Source Hydration System goes to virtually all juomarakkovalmiisiin backpacks and other gizmos.

  • Volume of 3 liters.
  • Widepac-opening-of the bladder entire top edge of the bag is opened by law. The filling is very fast, as well as cleaning and drying.
  • Traditional big screw cap, allows the filling of the bladder easily without removing the backpack or other carrying device. See  BEAUTYPHOON for water bottles made of stainless steel.
  • In this model, the standard Source Storm valve, which is simple and functional, and also allows the cups Sun. other easy filling of hydration. The valve is closed by pushing it in, is opened by pulling out. Upon opening the valve the water flows freely without biting or other trickery. The valve can be locked in a circular motion. Storm-valve is accustomed to puruventtiileihin special, but after getting used to the better.
  • The valve head has a 90 degree angle, so the hose is possible to leave a little shorter. The shorter the hose to save space, weight and hang down the road.
  • QMT-Quick Mate Technology, bladder tube and valve are pikairroitettavissa and those found in non-return valve. This is gonna mean that parts can be easily replaced and removed eg. Washing and storage, and even without the fear of bladder emptying.
  • The hose is resistant damn textile cover, which makes even what-is heat resistant, protects letjua rikkimenolta, camouflage, blocks UV radiation and makes the hose to top it all still pretty well harmonize with the general appearance of the pack.
  • The bladder itself is made of incredibly fine plastic whose surface is smoothness of glass class. Smoothness effectively prevent all sorts of bacterial adhesion and growth of the crop.
  • In addition, the inner surface of the bladder Source Grunge guard processing, which acts as a karkoiteaineena bacteria.
  • Bladder material handling and make it basically maintenance-free-the bladder is cleaned up after use by rinsing and drying Simple, easy as pie! Do not use detergents and do not stem not pour boiling water into the bladder!

Manufactured Source

The Israeli Source is the time the legendary armor manufacturer, the firm Hydration backpacks and is used around the world so civil than viranomaispiireissäkin.Source of goods is made of heavy-duty use, to endure the horrors of modern warfare and to meet the specific quality requirements authorities.

Stories about

I’ve always had a backpack ready for a water bladder, but before going to Africa, I did not realize how handy one really is.

I’m not the sort of person who always remember to drink water. Karuisa AGs backpack lighter reminded conveniently drinking. I was able to do all hommia and at the same time to liquefy myself – while remaining vigilant and kärppänä situation.

Bladder filling is good to be helpful, because the bladder is so elastic material. I can however imagine that the problem is all this category of products.