Specialised Clothing for Cycling

Who goes for shopping by bike, which does not necessarily require a casual clothing for cyclists. Here the well-known cycling shorts with or without padding can be left safely at home. A bicycle clothing is really only necessary when it comes to a trip or a purely sporting aspect. Then she recommended almost mandatory. At the present time the bicycle clothing is adapted to modern and technologically to the user that there are a variety of offers. It protects against the weather they even protect from a fall, regulates the interior climate and acts aerodynamically. Not every cyclist needs a full equipment, but a Radlerhose with padding can prevent pleasant late effects, especially if the ground is very uneven. Even gloves should all cyclists in his tour have here.

Specialised Clothing for Cycling

The main clothing for cyclists

Each cyclist, whether beginner, professional or recreational riders, necessarily require two basic clothing. A cycling shorts and a jersey . It should be in clothing for cyclists to tight pieces, the short and long sleeves can be worn. Just for the summer is cycling clothing offered extremely sweat absorbs the moisture gives good outwardly, yet provides a comfortable fit. Long cycling shorts and long-sleeved cycling jerseys made ​​are for the winter high-quality materials manufactured, which ensure that the skin when sweating is not wet. He is simply absorbed and transported to the outside. Also important in the basic facilities are the bicycle helmet and goggles to protect the eyes from insects or keep branches in rough terrain. Special gloves for cycling not only provide for the secure grip on the handlebars, but preserve the padding with gel or silicone one hand wrists and back, but also in the event of a fall the palms from injury. Each wheeled basic equipment should include at least these garments.

Functional clothing for cyclists

Very handy in the world of cycling clothing are the Arm or leg warmers. They make up a short clothes for cyclists in no time long. The cycling shorts with padding can be converted with a change in the weather in an instant to long pants. Conversely, it works just as quick and easy. Just the leg warmers removed and neatly stowed away in a backpack. There, a rain poncho or should in any case sportive multifunctional rain jacket are. No matter what type of biker you are, but with a spontaneous change of weather you have to always be prepared. Also very important as bicycle clothing are the gloves. They serve not only as a protection against the cold, but they are to protect the palms with the padding in the first place, so that no calluses formed. The gloves are available with and without fingertips and are usually made ​​of leather or a high-quality synthetic fiber. Besides the aforementioned protecting this natural warming the hands, with the wind and the temperatures are cold. A tube, a special quasi Snood for cyclists can be multifunctional as a headband, wear mouthguards, scarf or warming headgear inside the helmet and turns as well as the rest of Cycling Clothing useful services. Furthermore, also have special bicycle shoes worth considering.