Sports Acronyms List

Sport, like so many other aspects of life, has its own particular jargon.Within this extensive vocabulary of this matter there is a great chapter reserved for acronyms. Both types of words appear almost daily and its use is widespread, especially those related to major sports like football or basketball, but in tennis, Formula One, motorcycling and golf are also used regularly.

Sports Acronyms List

FIFA: Federation Internationale de Football Association. It is the highest governing body of world football.

UEFA: Union of European Football Associations. Confederation of National Associations of Europe. Controls and governs competitions in the old continent.

FIA International Automobile Federation. It is the most important world Organization, which regulates higher level competitions around the globe.

ATP: Association of Tennis Professionals. Organizes the tournament schedule and ensures the rights of players.

WTA Women’s Tennis Association. It performs the same functions but for women.

ACB: Clubs Basketball. Defends the interests of professional Spanish clubs, and organized the Liga Endesa.

NBA: National Basketball Association. Name of major league American basketball.

FIBA: International Federation Balonesto. The highest governing body of world basketball.

ULEB: ULEB. Basketball European organization that serves as amediator between national leagues and FIBA. Organized by the ULEB Cup, the second most important annual tournament clubs in Europe after Euroleague.

NCAA: National Collegiate Athletic Association. Association that make up more than a thousand associations, institutions and organizations of different programs responsible for the vast majority of sports in America.

NASCAR: National Association of Stock Car Auto Racing Series. It is responsible for organizing the event engine more media coverage in the United States.

PGA: Players Association of America Golf. Organizes tournaments played on American soil. Parallel to this association are the PGA European Tour and PGA Asian Tour.

NHL: National Hockey League. It is the professional ice hockey league teams vying United States and Canada.

MLS: Major League Soccer ( “Major League Soccer”). It is the First Division Soccer United States.

LFP: Professional Football League. Sports association that governs the First and Second Division Spanish football.

LNFS:  LNFS. It is responsible for the organization of the Division of Honor and Silver Division futsal in Spain.

KERS: System Kinetic Energy Recovery. A device that transforms the kinetic energy of a car braking into electrical energy for later use.

IHF: International Handball Federation. Mayor handball world body.Beneath it are the five continental federations.

IAAF International Association of Athletics Federations. Governs athletics worldwide.

MVP: MVP. Accolade that rewards the best player of a season, a series or a game.

Many of these acronyms and abbreviations are known by sports fans that are used. Most of these words have enough musicality and people understand their meanings or, at least, is able to explain what they mean. However, there are many others that are not seen or heard much and who spend more unnoticed. Here are a list of acronyms and used in various sports (translated from English) acronyms: