Sports FAQs

Many people who want to stay in shape or lose weight, jogging.This often leads to frustration, as others take up much faster and it is not possible to expand is always there. However, it is important to find out what type of athlete you are, to decide which sport you like and what is not.

Several Muscle Fibers

The first distinction we make between the athletes is the muscles. Our muscles are made up of so-called slow and fast fibers fibers. Moreover, we have the muscle fibers slowly through training or qualifications, can be fast, the so-called between the muscle fibers. Every human being has naturally a certain relationship between these types of muscle fibers. White or fast fibers are designed for short, explosive action. They can very quickly and strongly enough, but keep this relatively short full. The red or slow fibers may be less strong and fast intriguing and requires further warming, but they keep the effort for longer periods.

Sprinter Eller Maraton Field?

Who was born with a relatively large white muscle fibers will sprint easier for themselves or play sports where it is needed, while someone with a lot of red muscle fibers maintains an endurance run better, but lower speed will do.A sprinter will thus build more trouble running muscle fibers than someone who has been there before. Does this mean that a sprinter will never learn to drive? No. Everything is trainable and therefore we have the intermediate fibers. As a sprinter will train on an endurance run, it will go very well, but it will take longer than for someone who is in itself an expensive carpet. It is difficult for a runner expensive to train on his sprint, endurance because a body is easier to train. Moreover, the difference between sprinters and endurance athletes are not only seen in the running, but can be recognized in every sport. Of course there are many intermediate forms and an athlete and more pronounced than others.

Cyclist or Runner?

Another important difference we can make is that between cyclists or runners. Most people know by themselves or they prefer to take a walk or a bike ride prefer. This is often not just a preference, but has a physical cause. That causes can be found in our spine and has to do with the different postures during exercise. As a cyclist is almost always with a curved back on the bike, while the runners should extend back only to run efficiently. Everyone is born with a greater or lesser preference for curved or straight back. The people themselves have a better power back, it will be easier to walk, ride a bike, but often annoying, because then it must be bent to the desired direction. For cyclists with a bending prefer this applies in reverse. Again, this does not mean that someone with a stretch Preference never a good cyclist will be, but it will take more effort. This can also be a deliberate choice, under the banner of improving the difficult questions.

Individual Athlete or Team Player?

Finally, there is an important point when choosing a sport. I am a team player or sport I’d rather be alone? This, of course, there are intermediate form such as squash or tennis, where you have to work with a whole team, but the social part of the exercise. Go to yourself if you want it to work in a team, with all the responsibilities to him, or if you prefer music to the ears on the way out on their own.
The most important thing in sport is of course that you are doing something you really enjoy . Most sports provide opportunities to sample lessons. Take advantage of this and orient yourself on the options so that you can eventually make a sport that can sustain too, because it’s just fun.

Should you have more questions about sports, you can find satisfying answers. Good luck!