Stainless Steel Water Bottle vs Plastic

Why choose stainless steel water bottle instead of plastic?

Recently, we got by accident lost the food Director education page on the track, and somehow we started talking about the quality of the beverage bottles. The future Personal Trainer colleague, Piia Lifessä, is at work. He is a hörppinyt of water lähijaksoilla always elegant bottle. I had already drawn the attention of his fine drinking pulloonsa.

Stainless steel water bottle does not contain the body of harmful BPA (Bisphenol-A).Almost all of the BPA in plastics compounds cause cancer. Bisphenol-A has been identified as a carcinogen or carcinogenic, according to the Wikipedia, but still it is used in many consumer products, and the exposure is widespread. Bisphenol A has been shown to affect the endocrine system, immune system and cause erectile dysfunction. That is what is most likely the majority of the constituents of plastic materials and drinking puolloista marketeissä sold contains toxic BPA-compounds.

And disposable muovipulloissahan says the recovery bottle. They are intended for use in a trade, not to return again. They are not designed for the purpose, that the faucet is put more water in a plastic bottle of water and then lilluu in the handbag of the day.

What are major advantages of stainless water bottle?

-Eco-friendly, reusable, recyclable
-Steel does not dissolve in the harmful substances or toxins and it is easy to keep clean
-Steel is a durable material, does not break down and take the knocks
-You can put a bottle almost anything but without fear, that the bottle slightly soluble in something. For example, juice, limpparia, soup, alcohol and, of course, the water

Stylish, durable and healthy choice.

For example, SIGG bottles are safe. Many of the tests, it has been seen that a number of Chinese aluminium “imitation of the bottles” may many of the polykarbonaattista (plastic recycling number 7), like the bottles leak Bpa drink mix. Sigg-bottles is a naarmuuntumattomaksi heat treated to a special coating that makes it safe for even acid as an alternative to the fruit and Berry drinks, etc. Huokaisen a sigh of relief, including my kids workout bottle is SIGG-character. His lempparipullonsa, which my husband brought from Switzerland back to him!

Your pullooni be a smoothie, as opening it is great. The thermos mugs are for sale, where you can make the cookies for a smoothie.

Life went on also was kind enough to sponsor the Sports Ladya reward, and I can allot your readers ‘ between one SIGG bottle! The value of the more soon! Thanks Life’lle and Piialle!