Stainless Steel Water Bottles

The steel AQVIA-water bottle is made of stainless steel screw cap and base. Modern water bottle makes clear, grey, pink, blue and green. What color is best suited for you for your kitchen or table decoration?

The bottles are suitable for both AQVIA Exclusive-the AQVIA Balance models.

Elegant Water Bottles

AQVIA bottles of water are not guests need to hide–beautiful bottle sitting in a seamlessly beautiful table decoration!

AQVIA-water bottles are made of PET plastic, and the CAP and base are either made of plastic or steel. All of the AQVIA-water bottles is the bayonet mount, or a bottle, etc., and removing the carbon hapotus the device is easily and quickly by rotating the bottles just 1/8 round. AQVIA-the bottles do not contain any bisfenolia, phthalates or other harmful ingredients. The quality of the bottles has been checked thoroughly, among other things, the pressure test.

PET bottles are light and they are easy to keep clean with a standard käsitiskauksella. AQVIA-bottle service life of about 3 years. Bottles are marked with an expiration date. Do not wash the bottles in the washing machine – hot water weakens the plastic for durability!

AQVIA-bottled water is available in 0.5 and 1-liter vetoisina. New bottles you can buy all the AGAn retailers.

Please keep in mind that the coal hapotus equipment hiilihapotetaan only water.

Do not wash the bottles in a dishwasher or with hot water!

Change the water bottle on the eve of the last date entered in the new it.

When you are preparing other drinks with added CO2 with water, add the drinks only.

Aqvia Coal Hapotus Equipment – Consumer Test Organizations Multiple Winners

AQVIA carbon hapotus devices have been acclaimed by independent kuluttajatesteissä, with a variety of estimated appearance, ease of use, price-quality ratio and carbon hapotus process.

When the largest Nordic producer of Wise consumer test organizations Guide tested the carbon hapotus devices in 2013 and 2014, as well as the AQVIA Exclusive that AQVIA Balance stood out to his advantage.

AQVIA Exclusive was elected for the second time in the latest winner of the Wiseguiden 9/2014 test carried out. The test was covered in six of the most popular and best selling model in the market of the three producers, and was commissioned by the Swedish Aftonbladet newspaper. The jury believes that the AQVIA Exclusive “deserves a place in the kitchen and is childishly easy to use”. In addition, the jury commented on the device, follow these steps: · to provide high-quality impression ·stainless steel is sormenjälkikäsitelty, to prevent the transmission of fingerprints · the machine is simple to use · the user’s Guide is a clear · the components fit together is good · ylivirtauskuppi has a removable · the carbon dioxide level adjustment is easy ·produces a lot of bubbles

AQVIA the Balance represented the jury believes that the best price-quality relationship in the process of Wiseguiden in 2013, the news agency Spektran commissioned test. An independent test conducted by SVT Plus programme in 2012, the device was also the best carbon hapotus device.