Stainless Water Bottle

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In addition to its isothermal function, the magic of this bottle lies in the fact that none of its components has to be detached to consume his tea, or even to infuse it.

The tight lid lifts with one hand with the pressure button. The filter is attached to the bottle and its use turns depending on whether it is placed to the left or right side. It will thus allow you to brew your tea leaves using the technique that works for you. This minimum manipulation makes its use more fluid when moving.

This water bottle is made of stainless steel double wall which allows to significantly reduce the heat for the hands while effectively maintaining the temperature of tea. The lime green part is made of plastic certified BPA.

Diameter: 7 cm

Height: 20 cm

Technique #1

In China-keeping the leaves at the bottom of the bottle

-Warm the inside of the bottle with hot water for a few seconds.

-Place the filter on the side of the main opening. Drop tea at the bottom of the bottle (1-2 tsp depending on the type of chosen tea)

-Pour water at the suggested temperature. Wait a few minutes and enjoy.

This technique of preparation made sure that the tea is infused continuously. To avoid a too full bodied infusion, it is recommended to add water to the right temperature as soon as we drank about half the liquid. Almost all teas can be prepared in this manner. Only teas chopped very finely offer good results.

Technique #2

By controlling the infusion – without having to remove the leaves.

-Warm the inside of the bottle with hot water for a few seconds.

-Put the leaves in the lid side ventilation hole.

-Place the filter to cover the leaves. Pour water to the temperature suggested in the bottle and screw the lid on it.

-BREW time to bottle upside down so that there is a touch of the leaves with water.

-Replace the bottle on foot to stop the infusion. Because, once standing, there is more contact between the water and the leaves, that’s the magic of this bottle. There are more to taste.

This technique of preparation for all types of tea and allows to control the evolution of the infusion in order to get a tea to his liking.