Sterling, um capacete com a qualidade Rudy Project

The Sterling helmet is a creation of the Italian brand Rudy Project that escapes from the common place.  Equipped with no less than 18 ventilation holes, patented retention adjustment system and other highlights, the Sterling fulfills all that it promises to be: a lightweight, airy and very comfortable helmet, geared towards road cycling and mountain biking.

The helmet is molded in two different materials(polystyrene foam and polycarbonate) to form a rigid and seamless structure. This combination of materials is performed under high pressure, reducing the weight of the helmet and increasing its resistance to impacts. The strategic positioning of the air intakes forces the ventilation of the head, reducing the internal temperature of the helmet. The adjustment of the helmet is done through a system of retention adjusted by a dial patented by the company, the RSR 7. This system allows the vertical and horizontal adjustment of the helmet. The cushioning system is one of the most comfortable on the market and comes with two extra pillow kits for possible replacement. In addition, the helmet comes with two essential options in the practice of mountain biking: a detachable visor and a removable anti-mosquito screen. Both the pads and the screen are made of anti-allergic and anti-perspirant material.

The Rudy Project Sterling helmet costs on average in Brazil, 450 reais.

The brand – In 1985, the Rudy Project brand was founded in the city of Treviso, Italy, beginning the manufacture of sports glasses, googles and helmets for cycling and winter sports. The quality of the materials used, together with an innovative design, have kept the brand as a benchmark for performance and comfort.


  • 18 air intakes
  • Interchangeable padding pads
  • Removable anti-mosquito screen
  • Patented RSR7 retention system
  • Removable integrated display
  • Microfiber bag for carrying additional pads, visor and helmet


  • Easy adjustment for any size of head
  • Exceptional comfort
  • Easy to clean
  • Support for holding the glasses