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For someone is their bike just a random means of transport, whose primary task is to get them quickly to work and home again. For others it is the bike a training tool and an interest. Find bike computers from CateyeFor the latter; it is not just about to come forth. It is about getting the maximum benefit from its pedal force. You belong to this group of cyclists, is a bike computer an indispensable aid in order to be able to verify that your energy is at its best. With a bike computer, you can keep track of your workout. They are available for different levels whether you just want to be able to measure your heart rate or have a with built-in GPS that can measure the exact pedal revolutions and tell you about the wind and weather conditions, there is one for you. There are always great deals, so you can also find an inexpensive bike computer that covers your needs. In the following Bridgat.com will give you information about the features that are available in a computer. At the same time, we will briefly introduce you to the technical background behind computers to bicycles. Thus, you will have an overview of what features it may have and make you able to decide what kind you need.

Superb Bike Computers with GPS

What are the functionalities of bicycle computers?

A bike computer can in someone’s ear sounds like a piece of unnecessarily technological bladder-toys, which suddenly has become modern as defined on http://www.abbreviationfinder.org/search/computers/. But it is in fact far from a new invention. American Curtis Veeder invented in 1895 the so-called cyclometer, which could measure the bike rider’s speed via the number of wheel revolutions. This is, in fact, still the basic mechanism in them, which you can find here at Bridgat.com. Speed, however, is far from the only thing it can measure. An ordinary bike computer can often measure the following:


  • Speed
  • Maximum speed
  • Distance in kilometers and time
  • Time

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More advanced cycling computer can however measure a wide range of other parameters, which can be useful for you, who would like to carry out thorough analysis of your training. Some may, for example, measure:

  • Height meters
  • Slope
  • Heart rhythm
  • Energy-output
  • Temperature
  • Average speed
  • Pedal Cadence (how many times you step around the pedals)

bike computer 2

In addition, they can contain both stopwatch and GPS. From http://www.abbreviationfinder.org/acronyms/gps.html, you can see a bike computer with GPS can be useful if you want to run long distance trips and would like to experience new challenging routes. It can be a bit nerve-wracking to always run the same exercise route, and if you are in good shape, you can get far around on a bike. A GPS is worth gold, if you’d like out on unknown terrain. With a more advanced model, you can verify that you are running with constant speed, and that your energy usage is consistent. Data can besides make you able to control your bike workout while trainer, also easily transferred to a computer, so that you can make detailed statistics and analysis of your training data.

Potentiometer for Bike

Today much of the cyclists who want to improve their performance based their training on data provided by potentiometers. These devices allow us to measure the power developed by the cyclist. They can also provide other very interesting mecidiones by two variables:

The amount of force applied by the rider.

Pedaling Cadence.

The data captured by the potentiometer are sent, via Wireless, usually with a protocol ANT+a mini-computer, GPS or Smartphone settled so that we can view these data and that you will keep us informed instantly.

Through the management of the information collected during each training we will be able to:

1 know what our State’s way.

2 compare the State of form of other cyclists or other periods of our training or season.

3 calculating loads and volumes that allow us to reach peaks at certain times of the season.

4 calculate and set the pace during cycling tests.

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Here Are The Different Types Of Controls That You Will Be Able To Find On The Market:

Estimator Power

They are the most economical.

Make an estimate of the power exerted by the rider from other parameters.

Recommended for riders who start at training assisted by potentiometers.

They do not offer very reliable data.

Rear Hub Potentiometers

PowerTap was one of the first brands to implement the controls in the rear wheel hub.

Advantages: It can be used on different bikes, it is only necessary to change the rear wheel.

bike computer 3

Connecting Rod Potentiometers 5 Stage

It offers the possibility, using bilateral Rod measurement, to obtain performance data of both legs.

It is not possible to use the device on various bicycle.

Ease of changing the battery.

Greater reliability.

Garmin Pedal Potentiometer

Simplicity of installation.

Possibility of using different bikes.

Ease of changing batteries.

Potentiometer In The Bottom Bracket Axle

Within the range of crank potentiometers, there are some brands that stay in the bottom bracket axle, the electronic device that measures the power, one of the leading in this type of device is the RotoR Spanish, offering quality products and with a high reliability of measurement. We can find different models:

Potentiometer Rotor Inpower 3d + More

Oval dishes (10% of ovality) that allows increased performance of pedaling.

Set of cranks compatible with the majority of pictures on the market road and MTB. (BBright, BB386 EVO, BB30 (68 or 73), PF30, BB86, ITA (70) and BSA (68 or 73)).

The bearings must be compatible with axis of 30 mm.

Integrated bottom bracket inside Control Panel and battery.

525 gr for 170 mm weight 110 BCD.

Price from €977,95.

bike computer 5

Potentiometer Mtb Rotor Inpower Rex 1

All cranks Inpower Rotor and shaft INpower are compatible with most of the MTB market pictures (BB386 EVO BB30 (68 or 73), PF30, BB92, BB89, BB86, ITA (70) and BSA (68 or 73)).

The electrical control unit and battery are integrated bottom bracket inside.

Easy to use data analysis software.

ANT + data delivery system.

Compatible with 30 mm Rotor cranks

Weight: 549 g for 170 mm 1.1 rex.

ABS price: €599.

What Should I Keep In Mind When Choosing A Potentiometer?

The range of pot in which the focus when looking for our device will be depending on the budget we have, the level of training that we want to follow and the reliability of the device.