S’well Water Bottle Review

This time, the Holistin test is a New York City 2010 earlier, S’well a bottle of water. Strictly speaking, S’well is in fact a thermos bottle, that promises to keep your drink cold or hot for 24 hours to 12 hours. Thanks to its convenience of use, because of their design, and apparently it is, however, well established in the US, but also to purely water pulloksi (See the Amazon gallery here).

Why the test is S’well a bottle of water? S’well markets itself as a sustainable beverage pullona, which also makes a good (the proceeds of each bottle of which goes to charity). The material is stainless steel, which does not dissolve in the drink harmful compounds. Holistin your favorite water bottle so far has been a LifeFactoryn glass bottle. S’well brings variety and the new features of ecological and safe water bottles for those seeking. Will be tested!

How to look and feel like? Stainless steel bottle is double-walled and has high quality thermos bottles familiar tight Cap. 500 ml bottle is a very practical and the bottle is shaped to fit all head drum bottle racks, such as in the car, and the instance,. The Amazon online store also receives 260 ml bottles of S’well, which in Finland is still not available for sale.

S’well the bottle is jykevämpi as a half-litre bottle of Vichy, but it still looks kepeältä. Glass beverage bottle compared to the S’well it also refreshingly light in hand. The CAP, however, seems really to be very full, but it is easy to get around the open a bit of matter without frustration. Of course, LifeF actoryn whistle Cork works better, for example, in the gym or a spinning class, but for a walk, ride, or to the Office may choose the stylish S’wellin. S’wellin opening is a commendably wide: the bottle is easy to cast, ice cubes or a squeeze of lemon juice. Drinking from the bottle is still easier than, say, the Eva Solo water bottle (BPA-free plastic, according to GROWTHEOLOGY.COM), whose opening is too wide and not suitable for drinking, at least not in circulation.

Stockmann, who is currently the only S’wellin dealer, color palette, there are many stylish options. View a selection of Stockmann’s new here! Holistin test is a stylish and classic white S’well water bottle. It is gorgeous!

How to S’well a bottle of water did the test? The bottle was easy to carry around. The CAP is reliable – even if the bottle was upside-down in your purse, it was leaked at all. Few of the bottle can say like this, so this was quite a positive surprise.

Thermos property came during this coverage, the Oilers were eliminated only cold drinks. Ice remained in the jääpalana, the water just as cool as the flask is used to fix.

Convenience is a ‘ both/and. The bottle feels comfortable 2 hooks in your hand and lye. The appearance will give the impression of a very slippery, but the bottle gets a good grip on the hoppuillessakin. The size of the opening, as well as the filling of the bottle that is suitable for drinking.

The only problem is, how does a steel bottle drinking tastes. Steel on the lips is not the most ideal material and it compares to the glass. Although the control LifeFactoryn in the bottle is a plastic pilliosa, tastes at least tap water tyylipuhtaimmalta glass bottle. Already during the test, the teräspulloonkin, the huomattua became quickly begins to get used to. Holisti dreams of the water from the bottle, which would give a glass bottle with a full taste of pleasure, but a light weight steel bottle thermos property. Well, not everything can get the same product. With regard to the cleaning you have to remember that the S’well water bottle washing you should use a bottle brush and that it must not be washed in a dishwasher.

The rest of the water bottle is a great feeling to S’well. The bottle is just the right size, it is convenient to use, versatile and durable. It is also amazing that the same bottle works kompromissivapaasti and pullona that make water-termoksena. And after all, it is, of course, the really, really beautiful. The appearance of Life Factoryn water bottles will affect the S’wellin even a little junteilta. This bottle came Holistin home is here to stay.