Tables Anti Wind to Eat Outdoors

How many times happened you that you wear the table for the garden or the terrace to celebrate a meal with friends and that pleasant breeze that accompanies you, take more than strength and begins to blow up things you have on the table. Especially when in a picnic use tableware of plastic or paper that can be hell.

One uses all the resources to its around to try to plates, glasses and napkins not go flying. There are some solutions, for example can be stones or weights in general on the objects to prevent escape, but if you have with a table especially designed for this situation, everything will be much easier.

The table has its individual space for each thing, on the surface there spaces with some depth to place dishes and glasses, that way we avoid that slide over the surface of the table and they end up falling. Also chairs have pockets in which place some personal items, such as the phone or sunglasses.

In my opinion would be that try it to see if it works as well as it seems, you know that I tend to be a both skeptical with according to that stuff. But in principle, I do understand that Yes, because he also has to withstand winds of hundreds of kilometers per hour, if any already don’t we eat out, so it seems that it may be a good solution and a great idea.