Team Magnus Around Lake Vättern at Ten Hours

Road: Team Magnus rode Vätternrundan during ten hours and passed its set goals. The team’s captain, Bengt Earle describes the team’s head and tail wind during the thirty mile …

Congratulations! How does it feel? The fourth time you will take you around the Lake Vättern!

“It felt surprisingly good. Had forgotten how much upside-down it was towards the end …

How did the race for your own benefit and for the others in the Team Magnus?

“I ran in to 9.51. Nine pieces, or about half the gang passed 10-timmarsmålet.

What part did well and where it became an uphill battle/cramping/hard?

“We had, as you know, strong headwind down to Jönköping and it was noticed that it took a bit of extra effort. We could not keep the average speed we decided on the East side, but was given in return by the same wind on the West side. Some, however, had the dicey and got release early.

You got a problem with a ekerbrott, it was good to run yet or you changed the wheel?

– After hearing the noise that I thought was the hub for several kilometers, I finally stopped and discovered ekerbrott. Simply took away the broken spoke and drove on the same wheel.

Kept all of Team Magnus together, or where someone had to drop?

“We were barely 20 started together, but due to the rather uneven level we shared at us early. My goal was to stay with the gang who wanted to come in just under 10 hours and it succeeded, nine of us.
Will you back next year? Will you focus on a new target time then?

“Next year we’ll be back! Here we go with a niotimmars and a timmarsgrupp.