Test Helmet NEXX XR2 Trion

About two months ago we have given an intensive treatment to this integral helmet that the Portuguese manufacturer gave us for testing.  After many miles on many bikes of various types, here is our opinion.

This Nexx X.R2 Trion is a helmet with sports characteristics. The aerodynamic shape, the rear deflector and the low weight are characteristics that make it capable of fighting the air pressure at high speed. In terms of safety, the standards remain consistent, with a shell made of composite glass, aramid and organic fibers with carbon reinforcements.
The EPS deformable interior, with three different densities, and a double”D” closure complete the predicates in terms of strength and safety. But there are still reflectors visible 360º and side panels with emergency removal system, to use in case of an accident.
And since comfort also contributes to safety, the NEXX in this segment comes with an ergonomic comfort system, that is, a”Kit” of cushions of filling that allows to adjust the helmet to the different formats of head.

Yet as far as comfort is concerned, the X.R2 has all the predicates that a sport helmet must have. Its lining, with a three-dimensional construction, is removable and washable, in CoolMax textile, hypoallergenic and anti-perspirant. The ventilation system is very effective and quiet, with two adjustable air intakes at the top of the bonnet, and flow channels ending in four exits at the rear.
There is also a diffuse air inlet that, in extreme situations, helps to deflate the visor. Speaking of it, the visor is wide, providing a wide viewing angle. Comes ready for”Pinlock” and for”tear off”. It perfectly fits in with a precise movement and offers a practical central locking system that keeps it stable and watertight at high speed and is also an important factor in terms of soundproofing.

In practical terms the X.R2 Trion fits perfectly in my head, but I will not deny that the first days were a real martyrdom, almost a torture worthy of a court of the holy office. My ears have been scratched all the time during the first month of use(equivalent to 30 days, an average of 3 or 4 hours a day and at least an average of five to six times a day). But it was worth it. Now it’s a lot easier to put on and off, and it’s still fairly fair, not moving even during the test of the Suzuki GSX-S 1000.;)
On the various bikes I used, even the most bulky fairings, I never noticed Noises of excessive turbulence. Sometimes, with a crosswind, there is a bit more noise, but helmets are a lot louder than this one.
To conclude, I really enjoyed the chromatic scheme and the touch of the boogey painting. I did not like the feel of the fabrics on the linings, a little too rough. But I liked the soundproofing and quick visor removal system, which allows for easy and quick cleaning in any situation. I could still see that it is watertight, resisting rain even at high speed.

You can find more information about the X.R2 Trion and the reseller network on the Nexx website. Follow this link.