The Benefits of the Practice of Regular Physical Activity

That practice physical exercises can bring different benefits to health and to improve considerably the good functioning of the body, that everyone knows, is not the same? However, the benefits of physical activity are only tangible and actually perceived in the day-to-day, when we take the practice very seriously, ensuring a weekly frequency-regular.

The Benefits of the Practice of Regular Physical Activity2

According to the physical educator Felipe Cruz, the practice of physical activity cannot be regarded a hobby, but as a constant habit. “So as we eat, we drink water and wash our bodies, brush our teeth every day, we must make physical activity a regular for benefits to be effective,” says Felipe.

Benefits of regular physical activity

  • Improves our bone structures and muscle
    • Reduces blood pressure
    • Combat stress (and all the hormones and bad attached to it)
    • Relieves muscle tension
    • Provides psychological well-being, by get away from everyday problems
    • Age against diseases such as osteoporosis, diabetes, risk of heart attack
    • Increases self-esteem
    • Improves posture
    • Increases immunity
    • Acts against obesity
    • Improves pain

Regular practice x practice possible

The main difference between the regular practice of physical activity and the possible is in the process of adaptation of the body after the start of a regular physical activity. Therefore, when we practice physical activity eventually we run the risk of ending up harming the body.

“When we started a physical activity, and it becomes part of our daily routine, the body tends to adapt to the physical effort and, as a consequence, brings all the benefits previously mentioned. Now, when we do a physical activity possible, each physical activity, the body tends to suffer more with aches and pains, inflammations, and even with injuries, because he understands, with a certain weirdness to this moving “out of the ordinary,” explains Felipe.

Sedentary x active

The sedentary lifestyle is defined as the lack of physical activity, and numerous factors can generate it, but, according to the physical educator Felipe Cruz, the main reason are the responsibilities of daily life that consume the most of our time.

“As a result, generates a fatigue that does not motivate us to do any kind of physical activity. However, if you wish to change your situation, what should be done is to seek the guidance of a professional so that you can assist in the physical activity chosen and, preferably, consult a doctor to see if there is any kind of restriction in relation to their health,” he says.


To train in the summer, remember to practice physical activity in the zones in which the emission of UV rays is cooler: in the morning, 6 to 10 and, in the afternoon, from 16 to 20hs. In addition, regardless of the station or of the physical activity selected, be sure to do regular physical exercise, therefore, with all certainty, will gain more health and vitality.

Care with exercises

  • Be sure to hydrate well and prefer the water! Hydration before, during and after exercise enhances performance, prevents cramps and helps in the control of blood pressure. Use extra care in the summer, because we sweat a lot more!
  • Eat before your workout. Choose good sources of carbs (sweet potatoes, cassava, wheat bread, wheat pasta, whole grains, such as brown rice) so that you will not want for energy, and a good source of protein.
  • Avoid fried foods or meals that contain lots of fats (fatty meat, milk or their derivatives, integrals) before exercising. This is because the fat slows the digestion process, which could impair its performance.
  • The power after the power of the training should be appropriate to your goal, a good nutrition strategy can make all the difference. Therefore, nothing of going for hours without eating after you train!