The Best Podcasts of Guided Meditation and Relaxation

The time seems shorter and shorter with so many commitments. It is a rarity to find a loophole to do an activity each time. More difficult still is to find a time to breathe, to rethink the day, to meditate. Thinking about it, were created podcasts for a variety of purposes, that can be listened to without compromising the routine. A good example of this are the podcasts of guided meditation.

The Best Podcasts of Guided Meditation and Relaxation

These audios are an alternative tool for those who want to relax or reflect throughout the day. The best news is that you can download them on your mobile phone and listen to them in any place, even if the time available is short. Imagine being able to meditate while traffic is stopped or while it is waiting to be serviced in a queue: it is a great way to avoid the stress in the situations as present in the days of today.

The best podcasts of meditation

Check out our selection of podcasts to help you meditate.

Meditation Oasis

The podcast contains instructions in English for meditating and features relaxing music. There is audio, free and paid, available for Android and iOS.

The Meditation Podcast

This is a different proposal, in that the podcasts of meditation have beats binaural that affect the brain waves. The result is that these waves induce our brain to enter a state of deep relaxation similar to REM sleep.

Deep Energy 2.0

The proposal this application is a guided meditation and also help those who suffer from insomnia. For this, account with music to relax and to sleep. Available for free online and on iOS app.


This is the first podcast of meditation is fully developed in Brazil and is an excellent option for those who do not speak English. In the app, Mirna Grzich offers 65 types of guided meditations, which are divided in the categories: relaxing & meditating, mindfulness, prayers & mantras, meditations, essential, insights, & reflections, meditating with spiritual traditions, who are you and meditations of the full moon.

Radio Headspace

This is an application of meditation as well famous, who also discusses the technique mindfullness. In addition to the guided meditation, there are interviews and scientific articles that talk about the effects of this practice in our brain.

Smiling Mind

Available for Android and iOS, this app was developed by a team of psychologists. Its differential is that the podcasts of meditation are divided by age group. There are specific indications for persons from 7 years of age.


Created by blogger and YouTuber Juliana Goes, the podcast offers a wide content of thoughts, soundtracks, soothing, videos, relaxation and guided meditations made for her. The Zen is available for Android and iOs.

What is a podcast?

Are audio files similar to radio programs that are heard on-demand. Already make quite a success on the outside and begin to appear here. The user chooses the topic that most interests you and download the app geared for that subject. Just as there are podcasts about meditation, there are also products about cinema, series, sports, diet, languages, gastronomy, behavior and several others.

In general, the audios are listened to by means of applications that can be downloaded to the mobile phone. For those who prefer to listen by computer, many of them are also available online. Just do a quick search and start having fun, to inform, or to relax with the podcast you have chosen.