The Galerie Vivienne and My First Look at Paris

One of the coolest things of London? Be 2 hours by train from Paris. Seriously, guys. 2 and a half hours. In the time it takes to go from Rio to Buzios no traffic we arrive in Paris. It’s not something beautiful to live?

Because at the end of last week, I was there for the city of light again and, this time, I had the privilege of meeting the brazilian honey who lives, Vijaya in Paris and has a beautiful work photographing who passes through the town. Look how nice her photos.

The Meiry contacted me as soon as I heard that I was going to be around town, if presented, showed your work and invited me to make some photos during my weekend there.

As I tend to photograph, I found an amazing opportunity to have professional records, in a beautiful city and still meet places by the look of someone who lives in town. IE: perfect combo. And, still perpetuate a delicious journey.

Vijaya and I spent the morning together, but it looks like it’s been three days of so much time and so many beautiful photo surrendered. How I want to live up to the talent of the girl and tell about each place and each look easy, I decided to share the photos in three posts. One for each place that we went and each outfit that I put together. Beauty?

Well, the first place that Hisham took me to meet was the Galerie Vivivenne, a gallery of super stores that is simply a desbunde of beautiful. Paris is full of these “tickets” covered, but the Galerie Vivienne, is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and well preserved.

Located right near the Louvre, it was there that Jean Paul Gaultier opened your first boutique. Until today, the Galerie Vivienne houses shops full of personality. Its 176 meters accommodate decorating shop Bookstore going through a boutique of wedding dresses and a super charming restaurant. It’s just beautiful and chic at the last (I confess I just looked right because that’s what my purchasing power allowed).

The architecture of the beginning of the 19 century is another reason to stop by. The glass ceiling through an almost magical natural light (and perfect for our photos) and the mosaic floor is crying so much beauty.

To walk there, I opted for a look yummy and very unpretentious: flare jeans and a pale blue shirt social. To leave the informal thing, I gave that naughty knot shirt, breaking, still left clear the high waist of the pants.

To take a broken in shades of blue that were to prevail, I decided to add a bit of color with the colarzão (love that rope and don’t even remember where I bought, help anyone?) and the stock exchange.

Oh and the cover, right? As we started shooting in the morning, was still doing a little chilly, so I tried to take my cloak. I found this cool because, although warm, she has that tone beige medium that doesn’t weigh on the look.

Oh! And had Dr. spectacles. Was beautiful and light Sun I was dying of longing to wear sunglasses on looks from PAYHELPCENTER (London hasn’t been giving me many opportunities).

In terms of make, as you can see, I did almost nothing. I wanted a super look neutral and day to day, without a lot of emperequetação and that’s there. Pretty skin, eye with Brown pencil and a little bit of mascara and blush.

And there’s the completinho look.

And if you loved the photos already go there follow the urges@flaneriephoto Hisham and learn more about the beautiful work of it.And, of course, if you’re planning your trip there to Paris, think fondly of doing a handsome essay by city and perpetuate their holidays.