The Importance of the Use of Glasses of Sun

And without realizing the summer already is here and the sunny days are the predominant note in these moments. Most of us spend long time on the street and we feel much more activities outdoors. But there is one thing we must not forget, the Sun and the effects that can have in our view. So in this post we will emphasize in the important thing is the use of sunglasses.

It is true that everyone usually has a pair of sunglasses that used when out on the street, especially at this time. But not all sunglasses are suitable and we protect as it is because of the effects of the Sun’s rays.

Lenses with filter

Good sunglasses must be provided of UV filters that it eliminate the harmful radiation that are the cause of eye diseases. As a general rule the best when purchasing a solar glasses is go to optics and wary especially of street stalls or shops that just that product quality standards are taken into account.

The importance of the form of sunglasses

To this we must add the form of eyeglasses. As a general rule care more than fashion and aesthetics than of what really you are going to bring those glasses. Certainly, all to protect us from the front, but the vast majority does not over the sides, that direct sunlight is still brewing. To avoid this is recommended to opt by glasses slightly curved, that adapt to the shape of the face and protect the sides.

Intensity of the glass

The intensity of the glass It is another point to consider, since not all crystals are used for each situation. There are those with greater protection and darker, that will be the perfect for sunny days. In contrast, we have clear crystals, which are much better for artificial lights… This point is important, since the intensity of the glass has much to do in the dilation of the pupil and the possible damage that can cause eye, since if the glass protection is not adequate we can hurt us.

A warning to all is that the sunglasses are used only for protect us indirect light from the Sun. It will never be a proper filter to look directly at the Sun, since despite having high protection or be very dark it will not be sufficient to protect us from direct sunlight, since this would affect our eyes significantly. In spite of all it is necessary that we get used to use, that Yes, a good tip is to go to an optician to recommend us the best type of lens to protect our eyes.