The Incredible Electric Bicycle of the Future: Ncycle

Thanks to its “sandwich” format structure, it can be folded in two seconds and continue sturdy and balanced

With the advancement of technology and modernisation of the means of transportation, bikes are also being adapted and improved. Electric, folding and anti-pollution models start to come out of paper and win the streets, showing that they are viable and safer choices for major cities.

However, the designers Hussain Almossawi and Marin Myftiu went beyond and developed a bicycle concept that promises to revolutionize the way of walking on the skinny. It is the nCycle, a more elegant, lightweight bike that has a shell-shaped shield to protect the electrical system from internal moisture and thereby save the battery and increase its performance and duration. It is considered innovative on account of features like: inner pocket to put small items, an integrated blocking system without the need for a chain, and key to tie and fasten the bike. There are also integrated headlights and speakers and a holographic display.

There is also a more elaborate version that is aided by an electric motor located on the back of the bicycle. In general, folding bikes have aesthetic deficiencies and are a little clumsy, so the nCycle, thanks to its structure in the format “sandwich”, can be folded in two seconds and remain sturdy and balanced, even standing upright if necessary.

Its integrated locking system represents the best in safety, portability and ease of use, according to the creators. This is because the handlebar is suitable for fit in most of the poles and steel bars available in the cities. The locking and unlock process is simple, fast and consists of “embracing” the pole with the strap on the handlebar, pull the tube from one of the handles and click inside another strap.

Even the bicycle basket is different. Unlike traditional bulky and ugly baskets, the nCycle is located between the two metal plates and allows it to “disappear” when it is not in use. When it’s used, it doesn’t call much attention.

Their protective headlights and loudspeakers from commit4Fitness are powered by the main battery and, as they are together from the handlebar, both are proof of theft. The bike has an integrated Bluetooth system and the user’s option to put a viewfinder, instead of the cell support, and that improves the rider’s visibility and safety.

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