The Olympic Equipment to Rio De Janeiro Is Traditional

Each time is less, so they held the Olympics and we can already see the official equipment with which they will compete and parade our Olympic athletes. A discrete, rather nicer than the sometimes equipment and is designed by the Spanish firm of fashion sports Joma. Thus the Spanish Olympic Committee has wanted to put an end to the controversies of other years environment to how to dress our athletes.

Everyone will remember the multiple jokes that were made with the horrific equipping of the last Olympics. Not only criticized the ugly design, was but that was responsible to a Russian company called Bosco Sports.

This time, the Olympic equipment has designed a Spanish brand as recognized and much prestige in sports fashion as Joma. Perhaps we would have liked to see something more modern and with a more modern design, but let us at least acknowledge that these Olympics have greatly improved with the costumes and the Tracksuits.

In the inaugural parade to see the boys with a costume with blue jacket, tie and Red trousers and a panama hat, while the girls finally abandon skirts and see them also wear pants, in his case, blue combined with red blazer.

For the competition, clothing combines grey/white / red and it is much more discreet in what we saw four years ago. That the prominence it has sport and healthy competition, not the designs, controversies or the Zika virus (we hope).