The Outdoor Blog Is Back Soon!

For a long time nothing more happened here. I had a very turbulent time behind me and also a few hard months before me. So far, I just did not get something to post, because I simply and simply had no time to put my feet before the door.


Everyone is familiar with the proverb: “In self-employment, one works oneself and constantly!” This is all the more true of this proverb, if one has to double a double burden of house and apartment! And I must say that without my liberties as a self-employed I would not have made it here. Whether I can make the remaining way is still open, but I do not regret this step.

What Does This Mean For The Blog?

I will probably not be able to go on tours until the middle of next year. Maybe I’m going to push one or the other overnighter, but from the wide world you will probably not see any pictures here in the coming months. Instead, I will show you some nice in the Eifel. For the winter, I also planned a few delicacies.

Gear, Gear, Gear

Besides, I owe you and my partners a few reviews! So there will still be a whole bunch of testimonials that I have written some time ago but have never seen the light of the public. In addition there are a few tips and tricks from the area of ​​Hammock-Camping. If you remembered this was my new hobby horse before the move to NRW. Here on BusinessJust I want to introduce you a lot.

What Else Am I Doing?

If that’s not enough, you can go ahead on a new project. On my new blog (The optical similarity is amazing) I write a little about my return to fishing. This is my way to compensate for the lack of walking time. For fishing I do not have to travel far and can enjoy the nature right in the neighborhood. Perhaps I will introduce you to this project sometimes more precisely.