The Shark Raw Helmet is Renamed Drak

The French builder repositions his charismatic urban helmet giving it a new identity.  However the basic characteristics remain, having only been presented new decorations.

One of the most successful and versatile style helmets of today has changed its name. In French, Drak means malevolent spirit, and is in fact a name that rests in perfection to this helmet that reflects a threatening and merciless aspect. A real”badass”.
It is a lightweight urban helmet with a compact and aerodynamic design that offers European approval E22/05.

Its construction features a polycarbonate”jet” cap, in two sizes to better adapt to the measurements of various skulls, complemented by goggles and a lightweight flexible face mask made of polyurethane to protect The face of small stones, sands, insects and rain.
The mask can be removed from the goggles and these can also be removed from the helmet, with easy and simple operations that do not require tools, thus offering a variety of styling options.

The lens of the”goggles” was developed by Carl Zeiss, and guarantees a perfect vision. It has anti-scratch treatment and a construction system that prevents condensation, so do not fog.
The interiors are manufactured in comfortable fabrics of natural fibers, hypo-allergenic, anti-bacterial and antiperspirants, which can be removed for washing in the laundry machine.
A ventilation system designed using computer simulation techniques ensures good air circulation with low noise levels, very convenient on hotter days, especially at low speed in the middle of traffic. The top opening is easily operated even with thick, gauntlet gloves.

The easy-to-operate micrometric lock has cushions for added comfort. The”Easy Fit” system gives spectacle users a great ease in their placement because the side cushions are ready to hold the rods.
Shark Drak is ready to receive the Sharktooth communication system.