The Sunglasses That Are Going to Be Fashionable

The prestigious international fashion magazine “Vogue” has already released the trends for 2017 regarding sunglasses.The “retro” models will be on the top of the wheel and will mark a lot of what is going to be used this summer.

The sunglasses models of the Ali G or Christian Bale movie characters in American Hustle will mark fashion trends this year and promise to bring a bold and extravagant design to beaches around the world.

What models of sunglasses will be on display this year?

Most recently, Slick Woods, one of the fashion queens on the Internet, took its 1970s Gypsy Sport sunglass model to the prestigious CFDA awards.In a clear sign that the 70 will be fashionable in … 2017.

Aviator sunglasses are going to be another big trend this year, according to Vogue and its publisher Kelly Connor.On the other hand, the amber color will be one of the most outstanding, and can be used outdoors and indoors.

Famous people mark fashion trends

Taking into account all these appearances and fashion trends pointed out by Vogue for 2017, the most striking trend with regard to sunglasses can be summed up in a phrase:”bad taste touches good taste”.

This has, in fact, been a trend that has marked the recent times, with brands like Prada to bet on this type of glasses with yellow lenses on plastic frames.Loewe, for example, has previously bet on flat, sculpted, very expansive vaults.

Gucci made a point of emphasizing the yellow lenses in black and large frames, leaving aside the aviator model. This year may well be the time when you have to call your parents or uncles and ask for borrowed sunglasses.