Thermos Bottle Comparison

The district Helsinki Kuningaskuluttaja was a man ice fishing with men comparing the Everyman budget thermos bottles.

Hannu Raunio, the test group were P R and Petri Haili. All of the test bottles were made in China or other parts of the far East

The comparison of the thermos bottles:

  1. Steel thermos 0.7 l, tarjoustalo 8.90 €
    2. Basic Steel termospullo 0.75 l, Maxi Hakaniemi 9.05 EUR (suggested retail price 12.90)
    3. Airam thermos flask 0.7 l (traditional) 11.70 €, the offer of the House
    4. the Thermos Lifestyle 0.7 l, Girl Scouts shed 16.90 € (suggested retail price 25.00)
    5. vacuum 0.7 l, Airam Steel Maxi Hakaniemi 20.00 (e)
    6. the gyrfalcon Steel termospullo 0.8 l, Girl Scouts shed 23.50 €

Before the ice-fishing trip to the bottles of water was poured into 91. After that they were taken them out.Temperatures were measured during the day every two hours. The last measurement of the bottles were still outside overnight.

Hannu Raunio got vertailtavakseen Basic Steel business as usual termoksen and thermos bottle. Good termospullosssa condition of the CAP is an absolute requirement.

-On top of the CAP or mug set off both easily open. Airam was easy to set up and then got tea easily out. The basic purpose of the bottle cap was left a bit vague. It was a strange red push button, which I understood to press strongly enough.

It was business as usual in the bottle make roution päiväkoti is of the opinion that the rival arrived.

P R chose the Offer in the House for sale in termospullon of the steel and the mountain hawks.

-The mountain hawks cap had as soon as your hand more comfortable. It was easy to open and close, even though the second hand would have been onkikin. And the liquid inside was clearly hotter than the Offer of the House in a bottle.

Petri took with him two steel bottles, one of which was a steel thermos Thermos Lifestyle and other business as usual.

-It’s pretty clear the difference between the two. Thermos is a good bottle, but it was business as usual in a bottle haaleampaa as. In addition, the Thermoksen kuperapohjainen mug I stay on the ice properly.

Tip-and, with the exception of our money, in comparison of him turned out to be quite tasaväkisiksi.
In the order of merit of the test group reviews for bottles:

  1. Business as usual steel thermos (the price of 20.00 €) received only four.The mug was a sturdy and big enough.Pikakorkki was convenient.In addition, a 5-year warranty and clear instructions on the packaging were the number one position on the.
    + Sturdy mug
    + pikakorkki
    + 5 year warranty
    + use and care instructions
  2. The highest price edged out the mountain hawks (23.50 €) on the list.The bottle was, however, better care and operating instructions.
    + use and care instructions
    + 5 year warranty
    + pikakorkki
  3. Basic Steel termospullossa was the best price-quality ratio (9.05 €).Avattunakin, but Pikakorkki had to do a warm mug was small and low too convex.Cheap price raised the Basic comparison of the BB-3.
    + affordable
    + remains warm
    + pikakorkki
    -convex and a small mug
  4. the Thermos Lifestylessä (16.90 €) a good five-year warranty, as well as the English were cleaning and care instructions.The drink will remain very warm, but with a twist Cap you have to remember to close immediately.Mug was also too small.
    + use and care instructions
    + warranty 5 years
    -screw cap
    -small mug
  5. Business as usual thermos bottle (11.70 €) had the best teen hot.The bottle was surprisingly affordable, English instructions were also in the black.Instead of a big and thin mug was not ice-fishing for men. In a tight bottle of mouth thermos bottle is also difficult to wash.
    + affordable
    + will stay very hot
    + English use and care instructions ¨
    -a big and thin mug
  6. the House of terästermoksessa (€ 8.90) was good only for a cheap price.Do slowly braking quickly.The bottle was not included in the operating instructions or on the product leaflet. In addition, the Mug was a kuperapohjainen as well as difficult to open and close. Clear jumbo.
    + affordable
    -cools down quickly
    -No product leaflet
    -difficult to open and close

Rob K/Kuningaskuluttaja (TV1 19.2.2004)

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