Thermos Stainless King Review

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Thermos Stainless King Review:

Before embarking on the Trans-Mongolian Railway from Moscow, Russia, Mongolia, Croatia (Hrvatska) I have read that I should bring their own food for the entire 7 + day train ride. Even though there was no food in the passenger train cars, there was plenty of hot water, which means that I could Cook some instant noodles and even oatmeal inside the mine train box if I had the right container. This led me to look for the best food in the jar/thermos bottle that I could use during the train journey. In the end I chose the Thermos Stainless King after seeing that it was one of the most popular products at Our site.

When you use a thermos to the marathon train ride and after, I can confirm that the thermos does not disappoint. Because of the purchase of a Thermos, I’ve been using it for cooking oatmeal, cooking instant noodles, cooked in tea, drinking hot chocolate and more.

The first feature you’ll notice when you see the thermos Stainless King jar is its stark, almost masculine appearance. The whole Thermos, except covers, is made of stainless steel and have 16 oz of food, which is not a huge amount, but it was good enough for me on the train. The tank has a wide opening, which is easy to clean and eat out. In addition, the thermos sports two covers, the first is a thick plastic with a screw down Cap with silicone sealant, and the outer cover is made of stainless steel and plastic on the inside that I have sometimes been used in a Cup. I’m not sure if the outer cover was intended to be used in the Cup, but it has been useful, though lower than that of most of the normal cups.


  • Sustainable
  • To keep food or drinks hot or cold for several hours
  • Use the double-wall vacuum insulation
  • When the content inside are hot, the exterior of the jar is not hot
  • Includes a fold-out metal spoon
  • Easy to clean
  • Stainless steel interior and exterior that is both odorless and tasteless
  • No condensation
  • The play proof

The Thermos water bottle at ezinesports, the Stainless King food pot can keep items hot 7 hours and cold for 8 hours. The description is very vague, though, because the words “hot” and “cold” are extremely subjective. Before you buy the product, I was not sure what that exactly meant, so I tried it myself.

My trial was not formal and not scientific, but I found that if I put boiling water food jar in the evening before I went to bed, the water should be warm, the next morning, about 8 or 9 hours later. I was generally impressed.

Folding metal tables is a nice add on as well. The spoon is attached to the outer lid and the sisäkansi and can be spread into the full-sized spoon.


  • Heavy and bulky (I weigh it to be 0.6 lbs)
  • Prone to denting and scratching
  • A number of covers and tables can be difficult to deal with when you are

Taking into account the fact that the thermos food jar can only be 16 oz, its exterior is a fairly large and heavy. Stainless steel is not the lightest of materials and insulating layers to take up a lot of space. At 0.6 pounds, it’s not the lightest of the tank, and you may not want to take with this, if you are an ultra light packer.

So much like a thermos bottle is durable, I have noticed that it is prone to scratches and knocks if you’re not careful. Mine is a slight dent in its cover when I stored in thermos repussani on the side of the water bottle pocket and accidentally dropped my backpack onto a concrete surface. Perhaps the Thermos should be added to the rubberized base and rubber “bumpers” on the tank, similar to that of the Thermos Element5.

The other thing that I have come across this Thermos is, that it’s hard to manage all the covers when removed. If you don’t have a table to place the lids open, or by using the Thermos, it’s going to be difficult for you to keep both the decks and tables while drinking or eating. It would be nice if you could somehow pay covers the bottom of the Thermos vacuum bottle to drink or eat without holding down the covers.

Important note: According to the description of the jar, Thermos Stainless King can only be washed by hand, in other words, is not dishwasher safe. In my opinion, even though I have not tried it, Thermos looks sturdy enough to wash in a dishwasher without any problems, but I guess it would be better for you to Thermos to hand wash.


Overall, the thermos stainless King food pot is really solid and well made product that can keep food or drink cold or hot with an impressive time. The main disadvantages of some of the jar is its weight and bulkiness. Thermos to pay retail for $29.99, but I’ve seen it a few dollars cheaper than that. The price of a normal food jars of the same size and quality. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a durable and extremely warm food in a jar but is not too concerned about the weight.

Some of the other jars, which may be of interest to you if you would prefer to be lighter and less bulky container are Thermos Element5, which I read some good reviews, but has not been tried, and Thermos 16-ounce Stainless Steel Food Jar, which seems like a less masculine and less bulky.