This Is My Summer! Decorations for Indoors and Outdoors

Pink dreams Plenty of time to read and relax-for this luxury, the noble pillows are just in time.

The pink and yellow silk cushion is with Paisley, flowers and leaf pattern embroidered, 170 euro, which adorns pink ethnic cushions an embroidered blue zigzag pattern, 192 euro, both ETRO. Jug: Etro; Rest: private

Give sour The lemon press ceramic is not only handy, but also as decorative, you could put it to the fruit 49 euros, Eden living.

Bowls, plates: Habitat

Nature space As you would sit in a nest of branches-the Chair of “Forest” a tree pattern mimics. Powder-coated aluminium in 11 colours.

378 euro, Walker. Lanterns: Habitat and Kenzo

awns How does one have to imagine a summer rug? Well, cheerful and easy to care for. The two outer are woven from plastic and are suitable as beach mats sensational or the balcony. The carpet rescues the summer in the middle with his bright colors in every season. Available in seven sizes.

Carpets outside: 120 x 180 cm, 58 euros, rice. Carpet in the Middle: acrylic, from 139 euros, ESPRIT. Cushion: Kenzo Maison; Shoes: Levi’s

Casual Grasshopper The verdurous calf leather shoulder bag is a blast. And what about fits… 325 euros, Francesco Biasia.

White cord Sandals: 50 euro, Levi’s; Chair: Habitat

Dwarf state With trousers rolled up and brightly colored sit the whimsical little men like ponds or on window sills.

“Sitting GNOME” in gold, green or white, from weather-resistant, unbreakable Plastic, 43 cm high, 69 euros, IKARUS.

Companions Who do you want to spend the summer? The wiry with steel braids gives you the feeling of sitting on a throne. You can take everywhere with the natural thanks to its handle.

Orange Chair, 538 euro, EMU. Stool, Ø 35 cm, 40 cm high, 149 euros, Oliver Conrad.

Shadow search Dream place and the day – this lightweight aluminium concern related weatherproof and UV resistant. On which side do you lie?

Sun “Amigo”, 139 euros, Jan Kurtz. Bikini, Purple Coneflower: s.Oliver; Cushion: Gudrun Sjödén; Bag: Francesco Biasia

Hello, Prince charming? This frog candles are cute for kissing. Should be no Prince from this: never mind – they are always fire and flame, and a fun decoration. With the extra thick Wick, they are great for outdoor suitable.

Frog candle, 26 cm, 40 euro, frog candle small, 9 cm, 27 euros, Pointe a la Ligne.

Every day a feast day! How huge flowers hang them in the tree: colorful lanterns with fine patterns on Japanese paper, including cable, different sizes.

From 139 euros, Orike Muth. Solid pale green and purple grey, ø 52 cm, H 27 cm, 14 euros, Habitat. Lampion narrow, ø 15 cm, H 26 cm, from 132 euro, Kenzo. Ideal for the party in the grass: flared skirt with a wide elastic waistband, small band as a belt, 116 euro, Hoss. Top with spaghetti straps, embroidered with flowers, tightly fitting upper part, with much embroidery, 73 euro, Lysgaard. Plastic chair ‘Forest’: Walker; Director: The 7 rooms; Bag: Habitat; Candles: Point a la ligne

Picnic Cup Looks like fine glasses, are practically but from plastic and thus for outdoors and on the road.

The four-set “Water” there in dazzling colors such as Opal blue, dark violet, Brown Kümmel and lemonade yellow. 7.50 euros, Habitat.

Fresh kick Who has no Lake at your doorstep, can enjoy outside a cold shower, squeaky fun included. This specimen in purple can be easily clamped and screwed in a faucet. by Dramm. The yellow design stool “Plopp” by Oskar Zieta is made of very thin steel plates and the look of a plastic stool. ø 35 cm, 327 euros, hay.

Bikini top and pants: per 9.90 euro, H & M

Off through the puddle! The bright yellow good mood parasol with bamboo frame and cotton cover should be used, but only in good weather. H 220 cm, ø 170 cm, 89 euro, Icarus.

Shorts and nice legs go together this summer. Straight-cut Plaid shorts, 90 euro, Tommy Hilfiger. Top, 35 Euro, American vintage. Belt: Schuchard & Friese; Jewelry: jewelry noise; Wellies: Hunter

Bicycle tour Cyclo-cross to happiness. Because it is so much fun to have a target and also by the way to come off. The blue bicycle in the retro look is a stylish as well as more robust partner, sitting upright on his leather saddle. Comfort, with three gears, from 1045 euro, retro Velo.

Playful in the style of a meadow Princess: the lightweight cotton tunic with Millefleur pressure and Bell sleeves, 119 euros, Hedda William. The plaid shorts are the simple DrawString waist wonderfully comfortable, 75 euros and French connection. Belt: LTB.

Come snuggle! There must be also a little cool when there’s so inviting blankets: the reversible bed linen of cotton satin has a plaid-and a flower pattern, 79.95 euro, ESPRIT.

Noble: the rug in a patchwork look with cashmere, 140 x 180 cm, 421 euros, and pillows, Kenzo Maison. It becomes even cosier in the Red jumper with shorts in babydoll look. The front is buttoned with side of ruffled bags, 270 euros, Patrizia Pepe.

Wash day This delicate outfit is not only what the bed. The babydoll with lace, beading and front with purple flower motif is also great for a casual day at the garden, 55 euro, odd Molly.

Hat: Stetson; Boots: Oxs; Bracelets: jewellery noise; Bed linens with stripes: designers Guild; with “Farfalla” butterflies and in light blue with flowers “Magnolia”: Christian Fischbacher. in black and white grey: Gudrun Sjödén; with large flowers: designers Guild

Production: Gabriella Opitz photos: Bernd Opitz we photographed at the Fattoria San Martino (our site) an article from the BRIGITTE 16/09