Tips for Choosing a Road Bike

Cycling is an ecological means of transport, nice and convenient, but it is also a very good way to play sports. If you are of those who make a sport of cycling, so the bike you is essential. However, several different models exist and it is according to the use you want to do you can choose yours. So if you want a road bike for practical recreational or occasional, better direct you to a mid-range bike that will offer you comfort. If you are looking for speed and performance, so it takes some more upscale.

Road cycling at leisure trend

You can love do road cycling without wanting to compete. If you are in this case and that cycling is above all a pleasure for you, then the choice of a road bike should be based on a single criterion: comfort. In this sense, rather prefer a light bike that will fit all topographies, whether uphill or downhill. Moreover, you can also favor a shorter aluminum frame that offers an upright riding position. Aluminium, it offers you a more pleasant pedaling stiffness. To speed the system prefer a triple plateau, and versatile for mounting any coast.

The sport trend bike

If you biking is a sport primarily and have already reached a certain level, then you will opt for a road bike performance. The latter is provided with relatively narrow wheels to provide the speed to the rider. The setting is usually in carbon because it has real qualities of lightness, liveliness and comfort; and raises are easier and more efficient. In addition, using a compact gear system, you will combine the speed robustness.

What equipment to choose?

It is good to know that the bike size is a key criterion when choosing. For a race bike, it turned out that the frame should match the size of the crotch, multiplied by 0.67. Also, think about security and do not forget to wear helmet, elbow and knee pads for all occasions. A quality water bottle and cycling glasses can also be useful depending on weather conditions.

What budget for a road bike?

Nakamura has six road bikes ranges to suit all budgets. From the most basic to the most equipped, leisure bike performance bike, there is something for everyone. Depending on your practice and your level, you will certainly find yours.

The advice of the coach

The more your practice will target the performance and competition, the more weight you’ll need. Also, remember to always provide a pump and a spare inner tube in case of puncture.