To Not Halt You in Spring Allergy!

Entering today’s I want to talk to you about the spring allergies that prevent many runners jogging.

It seems that in the last days the Sun accompanies us for more hours, temperatures begin to rise and is that we are already in spring!, but STOP. Not everything is as beautiful as it seems if you’re 40% that he suffers from any allergies or, simply, with the change of season you start to have discomfort for jogging.

For many runners spring is synonymous with the emergence of some allergic symptoms: rhinitis, itching of eyes, ears, throat and watery eyes, and one of the main problems of spring allergy, the onset of asthma.

Today, as one of these brokers who suffers from allergies, you want to give some Tips to try to get rid of this spring-like torture without resorting to drugs. Keep in mind that if allergies persist, or if you are suffering from them throughout the year, you will have to go to a doctor to perform allergy tests and that a professional recommends you the best practice to bring a better life despite the diagnosis.

As you know, the food we take is crucial to our health and with the issue of allergies may not be different. We will start with a diet less acid as possible.Therefore, begin to eat more fruit and vegetables than we usually eat for two weeks will be the first change to be. We will also drink more water that we usually drink. In this way ‘we alcalinizaremos’ our body, i.e., we will remove the excess acid in our body.

Another point to keep in mind is to avoid jogging to first thing in the morning and late in the afternoon, during these hours it is where the highest concentration of pollen is produced in the environment, and the allergic symptoms can be more intense. I know that many take these schedules how common to go out and run because the work during the rest of the day prevents us to spend another moment, but we can always replace them by noon or in the evening.

If this is not possible, I advise you take protected the eyes with some sunglasses, in such a way that the particles that cause allergic symptoms do not penetrate directly, leading to itching and tearing that may affect your career according to It is also important to use a proper clothing that will help you to well sweating the sweat and preventing global warming and skin irritation. Shower after the race course, is essential because it allows us to reduce the contact we have had with the pollen.

We should also know that allergies will vary with the weather, i.e., depending on the weather that there will be greater or lesser concentration of pollen in the environment (for example, after rain the concentration will be lower).

If you suffer irreparably, try always to find a workout that suits the type and intensity of the allergies that you suffer to make sport safe and healthy.

But that do not brake the allergy, health and miles!