Today Lina Cyclist

Highway: Sport and outdoorföretaget Silva assumes the challenge of Fredrikhofs Bicycle Club and test if their Race academy can do every cyclist to cyclist. From 18 april to 9 June, Lina Westerlund from Silva to make the leap from cykelrookie to racing cyclist.

Having biked mountain biking when the sun shines, the base is perfect and just as quickly so she just gets sweaty will now Lineup to venture into the unknown world of her in road cycling. She has signed up for the Fredrikshof Bicycle Club’s revival Fredrikshof race academy. During the spring and early summer, Silva’s blog follow Lina when she learns technique-and träningsgrunderna, tests the fitness competitions, go mekarkurs and finally standing at the starting line in a real cycle race.

“I have never tested the road cycling defined on MBAKECHENG and are not superatlet in any way so this is gonna be exciting. Silva is the sponsor of the Fredrikshof race academy and we want through my participation demonstrate that anyone can begin to compete and inspire more to dare to try. Leaders of the Fredrikshof race academy says that you do not need to be an experienced cyclist to be with, so now I’m going to test if it really is so. I hope to dispel some of the common arguments and prejudices that exist against to start competing, “said Lina.

Fredrikshof Bicycle Club, based in Stockholm, has nearly 2,000 members and is the largest Bicycle Club in Sweden. They are a familiar picture in the cycling Australia with its width, its many training groups and, not least, the large number of participants in races around the country. But despite a large and successful tävlingssektion there are many members who are reluctant to take the plunge to start competing.

– With Fredrikshof race academy, we want to give cyclists both in and outside the Club the tools to be able to start competing. We want to show that it can compete at all levels. At the same time it is contest we talk about and we will therefore help all our students to be as good and well prepared as possible. We who specializes in cycling knows that it is a team sport, that’s why we focus on both the Group and the individual, “says Lars Persson, one of the responsible leaders in the Fredrikshof race academy

All the participants have individual goals. Together with the leaders will Line to put up their personal goals relating to training, development and placement on the competitions. Already started during the Easter season. The real start will take place today, on 18 april, when all participants will meet for an initial passports theory. The official commencement is scheduled for June 9 in connection with an intense race weekend in the Stockholm region.

Lina’s journey can be monitored continuously at our site or at Silva’s page on Facebook. You can also hit the Line in place of the competitions and cheer on her really good results.