Top Ten Sneakers in October and Much More

One more week, we bring you the best of twitter in the last seven days: tweets that have had most impact among our followers so you don’t miss anything. There are top-five!

  • The circadian cycle or “internal clock” our body has been object of study for our friends from Good shape: in this article from your blog tell us, based on these cycles ciracadianos, what is the best time to train. Do not miss it if you want to know what time are given our peaks of performance, are training at the right time to maximize results?
  • The great Charles Poliquin dismantled at the time the most important myths about the squats: nor are bad for the knees, or they are pejudiciales for the back, and there are many ways to do them. The companions of Press and Pull they have translated the wisdom of the Canadian coach in this fantastic article.
  • The Asics Gel Nimbus win by a landslide in this top ten shoes for runners of the month of October in Athletics Forum. Adidas is the brand with more presence in this peculiar list. What are your Favorites?
  • The FDA (United States food and drug agency) has published a list of foods rich in trans-fats which should not be in our pantry: popcorn for microwave, margarine or glazes are in the spotlight. If you want to know the complete list you can see it in this link of BBC World.
  • To end our list, something sweet: the friends of Mind Body Green They offer us a rich recipe for creme de cacao to the vegan lifestyle. No doubt, much more healthy and natural than commercial options. Do you dare to produce it for the snack of the week?

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