Traveling in Style with the Backpack Cuba 78 Liters

Travel around. Get to know new places, new landscapes or revisit those special places. It doesn’t matter if you’re close to home or across the globe, the dream of traveling is one of the most shared by people.

And at the time of traveling, versatility is the watchword. After all, everybody needs a backpack, able to track their more differentiated adventures.

The backpack Cuba 78 liters at transporthint is your ideal companion to go to the beach, the countryside, sleeping in a friend’s house or do backpacking around the world.

Comfortable and versatile

How will accommodate a large amount of items and a considerable weight, it is important that a backpack is designed to provide comfort for those who carry. That’s why it was designed with padded sides and pectoral and lateral adjustments, so you fix the volume to the body in order to facilitate your walk.

Versatility was not left out. The Backpack Cuba 78 litres has internal Organizer for clothes, plus five pockets, four in the trunk main and a daypack. Are many more options to organize and share your load.

Safety and resistance

Those looking for a backpack for travel needs to trust that the product will not leave him in his hand in time of need . Developed high-density polyester bag, Backpack Cuba 78 Liters has the resistance you expect when making their trips.

The security provided by the resistance of the material is reinforced by the format and assembling the backpack. Made to accommodate 78 litres of load, it has side handles to make the transport, besides the option of shelter for the handles, fully closed with zipper and that can be used as a purse.

Load your luggage safely and comfort, no matter where you’re going or how long it will be, backpack Cuba 78 liters will always be your best Companion.