Twizz Travel Mug

A revolution in the drink?

Test at home at the moment: the very pretty mug Twizz Montana colors of eternal Switzerland. Red, white, my personal choice for this fun gadget decidedly clever as innocuous tunes. With a look of space rocket, it makes the intensive sirotage acclaim. The perfect cross between a cup and a the rmocouple, so astronaut. It will save your knees from scalding, and extend the delight of your fine beverages.

At the root of this innovative concept and duly patented, Comrade Nicolas Frolin, exasperated by the inventor found lids. Empty cupboards: his nightmare. At one point, when something you waste precious moments of life, we must find a solution. This is the elegance of it, that works wonders!

Fully waterproof and insulated, it’s the perfect mug for everyday adventurers, adventurers of the coffee break, campers Sunday morning or ingenious housewives. It’s simple: your liquids are there a second life, full of potential!Finished overthrow tea, cool coffee, losing the freshness of your favorite soda. These depravities are now ancient history: with Twizz you can keep the cold for 6 hours and hot for 2 hours! Polar bears will not be able to tell us they did not know.

To achieve this feat without cover, the ingenious Nicolas system brings a truly unique way to uncontrolled label Easy to open! Two hands and a brain enough!

You’ll understand that I love and I agree: to order yours in a few movements for less than 20 euros, so click Our site to choose your color!