Types of Camping Knives

Spring is coming and you want to dive into the world of camping? Then it’s time to buy some good knives camping but first let me explain in this guide such as knives choose for your every possible need.

Types of Camping Knives

Usually to camp is relaxing activity for those who want to stay in contact with nature, but according to the camper so, you might also want to hunt or fish. In any case, you must still choose ill best knife camping.

In this guide we see how to buy the right knife and why. We will also see a list of the best multi-purpose knives that have been purchased by many campers.

Table of Contents

  • Camping Knives: Blades
    • knives with a fixed blade
      • 1.1 Tactical Knife
      • 1.2 Hunting knife
    • folding knives
      • 2.1 Pocket Knives
      • 2.2 Swiss Boxcutters
      • 2.3 tactical folding knives
    • camping knives fixed blade and folding: Advantages and Disadvantages
        • 0.1 Materials
        • 0.2 Knife Handles
      • 1What is the best knife camping
        • 1.1Similar searches:

Camping Knives: Knives

Depending on the use, each knife has the following characteristics. We begin with distinguishing the fixed blade knives with knives folding knife.

Fixed Blade Knives

They can be stored into the sheath. also known as outdoor knives, often used for hunting.


It ‘a knife with a special blade fitted with serrated edge, very useful for cutting materials and hard objects such as for example the strings.


These knives are used mostly during the hunting season, which is great for the animal’s tillage, filleting fish or skinning.

Knives  Folding

This type of knives are known because they reduce clutter precisely by bending the blade inside the handle. They have a special locking system to ensure safety. An example are the frammescola or lockback. Fall into this category, the Swiss pocket knives and knives.


As you can already understand the words, these knives are pocket-sized, this is because they have some pretty small blades, which can be safely kept inside the pockets. Usually the blade does not exceed 15 centimeters in length. These knives which are free shipped via bridgat.com, are very used to camping.


The Swiss knives are perhaps among the most famous knives, also known as knives purpose camping just because they offer so many features such as scissors, corkscrews, knives, saws and many other useful tools for camping.