Types of Glass for Drinks

In everyday life rarely think of what a glass or cup drink or another beverage. But if we want to get real pleasure we should not forget that every drink is served in a special glass. Eventually, even the most sophisticated wine if served in unsuitable for glass, it loses its individuality and emphasizes his right flavor.

1. A glass of champagne (flute). Used for sparkling wines. The volume of the cup was 200-300 ml was charged as 2/3 thereof. Champagne can be served with all meals from breakfast to desserts chilled to 6 ° C.

2. A glass of champagne with a wide neck. It was very Used in 30-40-ies of the XX century, but today has lost its popularity. It is also used for cocktails as a “Daiquiri”. The volume is 120-200 ml.

3. Red wine more pleasure if served in a squat, round and wide-bottomed glass. Big glass contributes to more contact with air and saturation of the drink with oxygen, which makes the flavor more subtle. The volume is approximately 260 ml. Red wine is served with dishes of duck, goose, beef, pork, lamb, venison and desserts. Dry and semi-dry red wines are served at room temperature, about 18 ° C, and sweet and semi-sweet – slightly chilled.

4. For white wines using cups, narrowing to the top. The volume is about 210 ml and is filled 2/3 of the cup. White wine is served chilled to 10 ° C and is suitable for fish, poultry, chicken, turkey, beef, and desserts.

5. Universal tasting glass which resembles in shape a glass for white wine, but with smaller dimensions 150-160 ml like a water bottle featured on waterbottlesshop. Fill no more than one third and is quite suitable for port wine, red and white wines.

6. A small glass with triangular shape, which is intended to drink in pure form. Usually used for liqueurs, but can be served and cognac, brandy, schnapps. The volume is 25-60 ml.

7. The volume of the cup is about 80-100 ml and usually it is served sherry, vermouth and liqueur wines. The cup was filled half, and the drink is cooled to 10 ° C.

8. A glass with a thick bottom short stool, tapering upward. Designed for brandy, cognac, Armagnac and Calvados in pure form. Drinks are served at room temperature and drink in small sips. The volume of the glass is 260 to 390 ml, but is filled to the edge of the widest part of which is not more than one quarter.

9. A glass of whiskey as pure and ice. The cup has a rectangular shape, with thick walls and bottom that slow the melting of the ice. The volume is about 100-320 ml and half full.

10. Small rectangular glass with a thick bottom and volume of 40-60 ml. Designed for highly chilled drinks in pure form (eg. Vodka) and strong cocktails, sipping on a drink.

11. High, expanding from the middle cup. It is used for beer, but it can also be used for different types of cocktails. The volume is between 220-500 ml, And as a cold drink, the better.

12. Toby Jug with a larger volume – from 250 to 1000 ml.

13. High water glass with a capacity of 150-300 ml. With strong walls and thick bottom glass is used for water, soft drinks and some cocktails.

14. Mug Collins – tall glass with thick walls and bottom. The volume is 230 to 340 ml. The most popular cup of liquor mixed with soda and ice, but also for cocktails with ice ( “Mojito”, “Long Island iced you”).

15. Universal squat beaker with a volume of 260 to 320 ml. Cup with thick walls and floor, suitable for cocktails and alcoholic beverages with ice.

16. martini or cocktail glass is triangular in shape, wide neck and a long, thin stool. The cup is designed for chilled cocktails without ice but is completely inappropriate for drinks in pure form (including martinis, despite its name). The volume of this glass is between 90-280 ml.

17. The volume of the cup was about 200-250 ml with long thin stem, very narrow at the bottom and a top. Designed for cocktail “Margarita” and its variations, as well as frozen drinks. The rim of the cup are usually decorate with sugar.

18. Hurricane cup – long glass tulip shaped. The volume is 400 to 480 ml and is designed specifically for tropical cocktails like “Blue Hawaii” or “Pina Colada”.

19. Unusual shaped cup designed for grappa, an Italian alcoholic beverage made from grapes.

20. A small glass with a thick stem. It used to sauar cocktails. Characteristic of them is acidic taste derived from citrus juice.

21. Small and narrow glass 50-120 ml. Serves to Corpus coffee and cocktails with contrasting colors, arranged in layers, which should not be confused with one another.

22. A glass with a thick handle and heat resistant glass. The volume of 240-320 ml and is designed specifically for serving hot drinks such as mulled wine, grog or Irish coffee. It is also suitable for coffee cocktails and drinks with ice cream.

23. The volume of glass is 100-180 ml. It is served hot punch and fill 3/4 of the glass.