Video 3–Baby Bag X Baby Backpack

Has new video over at Youtube’s mom tricks Channel. And the subject today is baby bag x baby backpack.

When you purchase the accessory that will be used to carry the baby things, be it purse or backpack, you don’t always know exactly what to take into consideration, what is useful and what, in fact, will only get in the way. This happened to me. I bought a baby bag full of ” little vixen-friques” that after I ended up leaving because it was heavy and didn’t have enough internal space.

So, so, I decided to make this video. In it I show the backpack and the bag that used to carry things from Leo and what I liked about each one of them. So, you don’t have to choose one of these two models, but you know what to take into account in time to make your choice.

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This video was recorded and produced by Ray Studio, a Photography Studio specializing in the registry of pregnant women, newborn and family. Check out the beautiful work of Paula and Fék, Studio photographers Radius by clicking here.