Volt 60 Backpack Review–Osprey

The backpack Volt 60 Osprey brand aims to allow the user to press a volume enough luggage for a backpacking trip, crossing several days or a weekend of camp. Its damping system and height adjustment are intended to give more comfort and stability to the user.

According to your manufacturer’s pretty light among the existing models on the market, if the same capacity (60 liters) in the market, it is quite versatile and allows you to optimize the internal space with pockets well located and designed to expand the capacity of the bag.

The test

The Volt 60 backpack of the Osprey has been tested in 2 treks of average difficulty: Parque da Cantareira, in the metropolitan region of são paulo, and the Pico dos Marins, in the region of Picket-SP product was also tested in a day of climbing on Cliff Haven in Pindamonhangaba-SP.

The equipment was loaded with median charge (8 kg+weight of the backpack) to allow the offset of several kilometers without need for multiple rest stops.

During the trekking at the peak of the Marins happened the occurrence of strong winds with a small incidence of drizzle. The Backpack was transported to locations in trunk of car along with other equipment. There was no contact with any chemical or solvent during all tests.

The backpack during the day of climbing was charged with climbing equipment, which made it heavier than the tests of trekking. During the day there was mild and sunny weather climbing, free from rain and moisture.

The bag has not been washed in machine and, when needed, cleaning was cleaned with damp cloth without waste chemical products.


The Volt 60 backpack of Osprey made an impression during the entire battery of tests which was submitted. From the beginning proved to be robust and well each use was amazing with details in your design that is not seen in this capacity.

What caught my attention was your weight enough that, if compared to other bags of same capacity, impresses with lightness. In your design work was of course the concern of developers to offer a product with several compartments strategically designed to facilitate the use of the backpack, especially in backpacking trips. Because of the location of the pockets and belt adjustments and handles the amount of times you have to take and put the backpack is decreased significantly. The adjustment on the waist is, without a doubt, the most practical and efficient on the market.

Its stabilization system works perfectly and, if set, allows the weight to be minimized significantly. However during prolonged use there was a certain nuisance of the handles in the clavicle bone that persisted after several attempts to adjust to minimize it.

The detail that is essential to be reviewed by the manufacturer is the absence of a raincoat that comes with the bag. Having been alerted at the time of withdrawal of the backpack this absence no surprises, but this is a choice somewhat misguided by the brand.

During a continuous 1 hour hike, the backpack didn’t back sweat excessively, nor committed the clothes were being used, which shows good stability of the equipment. But the exaggerated length adjustment tapes during treks in strong wind bothered giving small lashes on her face and torso which has strained the pleasure of weight balance.

For urban activities with the bag, very common who plans to perform a backpacker trip, the Volt 60 did with impeccable performance and your minimalist and modern visual makes for a pleasurable ride.

The Volt 60 backpack is indicated the backpackers who plan short trips (3 to 7 days) to anywhere in the world. For those who plan to use the template for mountain activities is the absence of a raincoat and the need to purchase one separately after the purchase.