Westwing Guide for Column Lamp

Lighting is one of the most important decoration items and is able to completely change an environment. The simple change of a lamp can give a more cozy or cooler air to a space, besides the lamps themselves are items that greatly enrich the decoration. And, as far as they are concerned, one of the most versatile and that gives more personality to the space is the column lamp, which, as a usual coadjuvant among furniture, has increasingly passed the protagonist of the decoration.

Versatile, the column lamp can be part of many different types of decoration for outdoor’s from HetongDIY.com. Rethink your composition and consider column lighting options. Westwing has some tips for you to know the different models available and choose the one that most suits your style and your style.

Types And Styles Of Column Lamps

These luminaires , unlike other types of floor lighting, have no joints or directions .

There are several types of column luminaires. Between them:

Traditional Column Lamp : Do you remember the classic scene from the movie “Dancing in the Rain”, in which Gene Kelly whirls around a column lamp? For this is the traditional column lamp, and is the most found type in outdoor areas, streets, gardens and facades of houses. They usually have a mast that starts from a base and a round, circular or conical dome. Versatile, it has several models and materials , and in all styles!

Torchère luminaire : this resembles the traditional column lamp, the difference is that the dome is inverted, with the largest opening facing the ceiling. It also has various models, although they are very famous the luminaire torchère column with an air retro of art nouveau.

Column lamp with multiple light sources: like the others, it has a base and a mast, but the difference in this case is that the column lamp with multiple light sources has branches that give rise to several lamps. It is also versatile, going from the classic styles to the more contemporary ones and are idealfor larger spaces, which need more light.

Curved column lamp : these are usually more modern, and combine well with the Scandinavian style. They are usually made of metals such as aluminum or steel, and because they are curved they are highly suitable forreading.

Column lamp with shelves: they tend to be more modern, but also versatile, passing through the Boho , minimalist, Scandinavian styles, among others. They are made of different materials, from metals like aluminum or steel to wood.

In fact, no matter what style or model you choose, one thing is certain: there is always a space for a column lamp in the decoration of your home.Give them a chance and brighten up!

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