Westwing Guide to Garden Lamps

A nice evening with your love, a barbecue with all the friends in a fun summer evening, or relax after a long day at work. The garden is synonymous with good times, and the night can not be excluded. With garden lamps it is possible to do any of these activities and ensure an elegant decoration for the outdoor area. There are several types of garden lamps that can be integrated into the different styles of gardens that exist.

Instead of letting the garden and terrace disappear under the dark of night, enlighten them with the help of the garden lamp, a perfect item to provide the shades of light needed to enjoy the outside space of your home also at night. Check out the selection of Westwing tips, some models of garden lamps that you can use and reinvent this perfect space for relaxation. Get Inspired!

Auxiliary Garden Lamps And Lights

Auxiliary lights are not only prepared to illuminate our rooms and hallways as there are versions for the garden that will make it a pleasant place to be enjoyed. It is possible to use lights to illuminate your garden from the walls or place them on a cover serving as general lighting. But if the intention is to have originality, the ideal is to place them next to the trees, in the bushes or behind some flowers. With this, the environments become especially pleasant and impress your visitors.

This variant of garden lamps has the advantage that it does not need to be installed permanently, just put it in the right place and it is ready for use. By hiding the wires and cables, the natural look of your garden is maintained.

Another good idea to use auxiliary lights like garden lamps is to place them on the ground, as well as forming beautiful pictures in the garden, illuminate the path serving as guidance so you will not trip over some garden plant .

Garden Lamps In The Walls

Of course the walls and walls of the garden can also have outdoor garden lamps installed from Listofledlights.com. If there is at least one wall in your garden, you can take advantage of it as a perfect spot for general lighting, as if it were any other room in the house. Thus the garden becomes another room of the house, but in its exterior and due to the garden lamps, it is possible to use it as such. That way, it’s not just the plants that have their place in the garden!

With the garden lamps you can enjoy a cold beer outdoors or to eat something of your choice. A great idea is to install garden lamps with motion sensors . Consequently, the light will shine as soon as the sensor notices some movement, providing comfort, elegance and modernity, saving a lot of energy and making everything automated!

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This is one of the most recommended options if your home is located in an area with lots of sun. You can use solar energy to recharge these garden lamps and in the late afternoon they will provide the light you need. There is no more efficient and more natural way to save energy and money than to harness nature’s own energy to use it in the garden, incredible! The garden lamps also have the virtue of being very simple to use and to change of place. By placing them in more hidden places, one can get astonishing effects.

The important thing to consider is that these types of garden lamps need sunlight in the daytime to recharge enough, otherwise they can not provide all of their light at night.

Candles And Torches

Natural and moving light, fascinating colors and effects, this is what we can achieve by brightening the night with candles and torches. The moving flame adds warmth and creates a cozy atmosphere that can be used for relaxing and romantic occasions.

Candles and torches are a good alternative to garden lamps since they do not need electricity and illuminate in a different and special way. Just be careful when it’s windy.