Wetterhall Reports from BayernRundfahrt

Road: Team NetApp-Enduracyklisten Alexander Wetterhall participated recently in BayernRundFahrt. Germany’s biggest stage race which this time featured on vårkyla and the Pattering rain.

Germany’s biggest stage race took place during the last week and we in Team NetApp-Endura were on hand. Stage race was held over five days, four of which line stages and a time trial would be run. The cold weather over central Europe was palpable during the week, and the modest six to twelve grades was bordered by hard rain in both the first and last stage.

Tactics were clear. After Jan Barta won in Poland two weeks ago so it was him we drove for. The pace strong Czech made us also not be disappointed even if it cost a lot of effort to keep him out of the wind.

The three initial stages were all nearly 20 miles long and very hard with many long runs. We held it together well even if I could budge me during the second stage in one of the steepest motluten.

We came into the fourth stage and time trial on 31km. I tried me on a good race but I had not “OverDrive” longer needed to go really fast. Jan, however, squeezed into with the third best time of the day, and in doing so, he moved up to third place in the abstract.

We made a really good closing day and managed to keep Jan in the top of the main field, when the stage was decided in a klungspurt after 17 cold and soaking wet mils. Jan took third place overall while we got into Michael Schwartzmann fifth in the Sprint. Personally, I stopped at a 40th place overall after five days.

Now I’m home during the week but already this weekend so it’s off to Switzerland and the start of the big competition Critérium du Dauphiné.