What Do Men Look for Men’s Sunglasses?

Almost all men like to wear or have at least a pair of sunglasses. Many use them almost daily, be it summer or winter. But, what makes male sunglasses so popular among men?What does the “strong” sex actually look for in a pair of sunglasses?

Why do men love male sunglasses?

Sunglasses are, by definition, part of the imaginary of almost all men. Whether for aesthetic, fashion or image issues, men’s sunglasses are one of the most sought after accessories for men. But why? What makes male sunglasses so popular?

  • The imagery of the movies – many famous films have made the sunglasses extremely popular. From ” Top Gun ” to “Terminator”, there are several heroes on the big screen who popularized men’s sunglasses.And who does not like a hero?
  • Music stars – who does not remember Pedro Abrunhosa, John Lennon, Elton John or Bono Vox? Planet-level music stars that have helped make the male sunglasses an icon of fashion and music.
  • «Sex Appeal» – In the male imaginary, the sunglasses exert some kind of attraction on the opposite sex. This “sex appeal” typical of men’s sunglasses makes this accessory very appealing among men of all ages.
  • Helping to drive – sunglasses are an excellent aid for driving on sunny or foggy days, especially for men, who need higher levels of attention than women, who can do several things at the same time.
  • UV protection – may not be the most important reason, but many men today already care enough about their health.UV protection is therefore one of the main reasons for the purchase of sunglasses.