What is an Nvr and What Does It Serve?

Surveillance systems have been evolving along with the technology of markets such as information technology and telecommunications, thinking that in this way a change in the CCTV system began, starting with the security cameras in 1996 the first IP security camera emerged.

What is an NVR and what does it serve?

Despite the benefits of adopting the IP-to-analogue surveillance system, it is embedded in a good part of the security market among other segments since that is how the electronic security system started, with no cost speech that is more affordable than Digital system CFTV, thinking that way the market still resists and ends up choosing to use an analog system.

What is an NVR?

The Network Video Record or NVR system is responsible for managing and storing images coming from cameras with communication over the TCP / IP network or simply IP camera.

The NVR can be a Software that must be installed on a PC with Windows operating system or a set of Hardware and Software on a Linux platform.

What is NVR for?

The NVR is used to manage and store outdoor security camera or other equipments images with TCP / IP communication, or an IP camera it can manage eight, sixteen, thirty-two and even sixty-four cameras, it also has in the market NVR software that has no camera limit , But this will depend more on hardware than on system software.